10 sweet & simple wedding favors for under $10

Your guests will adore these easy-to-make customized wedding favors, and you’ll love the price tag.

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Celebrating your big day starts with the invitations and ends with the thank you notes, but there’s a step in between that simply can’t be missed: wedding favors. A perfect parting gift to close out your big day, wedding favors can take on the form of whatever you’d like, from flowers, to candles, to bubbles, and anything in between. But the sheer amount of options can leave some brides and grooms stumped, so our editors decided to help you narrow the field. Our ten favorite favors under $10 made the For Her list not just for being budget-friendly, but because of the ease in which you can customize them and make them a memorable trinket of your special commitment.

Let love grow

Having a rustic or outdoor reception? Custom seed packets are the cutest favor of them all, plus they are crazy simple to put together. You can choose a tried-and-true design from American Meadows at $0.50 per packet or you can make your own using a custom-printed burlap bag from Mother & Daughter Creations on Etsy for just $2.50 a piece. You can include seeds for your favorite flowers, ensuring that your guests will always be able to remember them fondly when they look out at their gardens.

sweet and simple wedding favors for under $10

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Lite bites

Give your guests something to munch on for the ride home by creating mini bags of your favorite snacks or candies. Create a section for his favorite and her favorite so you each get your pick, plus it lets your individual personalities shine through. Use the bag of your choice (clear is a simple, elegant option) and snag a few sets of these adorable his and her wedding favor stickers ($7 for 26) from Mavora on Etsy.

Make sparks fly

Another adorable but inexpensive DIY idea: print out a template from Minted.com or make your own design to fit the cover of a matchbox. Not only are matches a useful little gift for guests to pocket on their way out the door, but your family and friends will likely think of your big day every time they light a candle.

Play that music

If you’re a couple who’s known for busting a move, take it to the next level by creating a wedding soundtrack for your guests to take home. You can create your own list to share on Spotify, or go old school with a burned CD. This couple’s even doubled as a seating card! If you’re looking for something simpler, there are endless customizable options on Etsy with front and back printing, with some of them even coming in vinyl or a mixtape version.

A rustic touch

For the bohemian bride, a favor that is as unique as your reception is the perfect fit. While smudge sticks are originally a Native American traditions, many brides from all cultures like to give them to guests for their beautiful smell and presentation. Plus they are incredibly easy to make yourself. If you already have an herb garden growing in your backyard, just gather some good herbs to choose: include lavender, cedar, lemon balm, mugwort, catnip or mint. (Make sure to give it a good sniff as you’re creating though, as some herbs don’t go well together!) If you’d like to purchase them instead, these beautiful bundles from Evermine Occasions are a beautiful option.

Sweet endings

By giving people more food at the end of a long evening on the dance floor, you can never go wrong. Send your guests home with fresh cookies from your favorite bakery in a custom bag ($1 a piece on Etsy) so they can enjoy a treat on their ride home. With each satisfying crunch, their smiles will grow bigger … plus the bride and groom can feast on any extras that are leftover!

Have S’More fun

End a romantic summer or autumn wedding with a cozy touch: homemade s’mores! You can keep it simple and use store-bought marshmallows and other fixings, or Evermine Occasions has the perfect homemade marshmallow recipe for you to buy (they’re pumpkin spice!) and cute custom labels you can print off to complete the cute package. You can even make it extra special by getting custom chocolate squares made, like these personalized Hershey bars from Beau-Coup ($1.50–$3.50 each). Your guests will love the extra effort and s’mores are always a crowd-pleaser.

sweet and simple wedding favors for under $10

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Suds + Scrubs

If you’re a crafty bride, treat your guests to a homemade bar of soap made with refreshing herbs and spices. Glance at this flower soap recipe from The Free People Blog to see if you’re up to the challenge. Otherwise, there are many affordable pre-made soap choices on Etsy) like these heart-shaped bars from the Little Soap Store ($2 a piece). Create a custom label for added flair. If you want them to coordinate with your wedding colors or décor, check out My Wedding Favors, which offers a dozen soap options to choose from with common themes in mind.

Sugar, sugar

Spend a Saturday with your bridal party creating these cute homemade sugar scrubs. All you need are mini 4 oz mason jars ($2 each at Michael’s), coconut oil, mint extract, sugar, and a touch of green food coloring to make this easy scrub that smells amazing. See the whole recipe on Love Vividly and print out her romantic sticker labels for free.

Rock out

Give your guests a sweet treat for the road by laying out these beautifully dipped rock candy sugar sticks in custom colors ($2 each from Etsy) for your guests. Delicious and nostalgic, these are sure to be a hit no matter what type of party you’re throwing. Bonus points if they match your wedding colors.

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