12 DIY Christmas wreath crafts

12 perfect circles, starting with a pretty partridge in a pear tree. Well, pear wreath, actually.

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Nothing says “Welcome, Christmas” like a beautiful wreath on your door, or hanging above your mantel. But buying pre-decorated (or even plain natural fir wreaths) can be pricey, running upward of $50 … especially if you live in a city, far from where the pine trees grow. But if you’re feeling crafty, it’s fairly simple to create one yourself for half the cost.

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To inspire you, For Her gathered the most beautiful and creative DIY wreaths from the Internet’s cleverest crafters and bloggers. Some are even easy enough to get your little ones crafting alongside you. To get started, simply pin this article (or your favorite wreaths) to your holiday Pinterest board:

1. Partridge in a pear tree

What could be more perfect to kick off a list of 12 wreaths than this visual play on the classic 12 days of Christmas song? (It’s so cute and festive, it makes us want to start caroling right now.) You can learn how to craft this sweet wreath at Mollie Makes, a UK based craft magazine, and download the brand’s printable wreath template here.

2. Mini marvels

Using myrtle branches instead of pine brings an unexpected elegance to your seasonal home decor. Especially if you make several in different sizes. Simply follow the steps at Homeyohmy—and you’ll be done in ten minutes!

3. Pom-pom posies

This gorgeous wreath makes a huge visual impact in your home, but its creator, Kellie from the blog NestofPosies, explains that it’s actually so simple to make even her five year old could help. Though she does recommend that buying a Clover pom pom maker ($6, Amazon) will make the process go faster than doing all your pom poms by hand.

4. Neat knitting

If you’re a knitter, you’ll be picking out skein colors for this wreath before you can say Santa. The blog Dottie Angel shows you how to recreate this craft for a front door that won’t look like anyone else’s. How refreshing!

5. Christmas blues

The icy blue color of this wreath is still wintry, but less expected than green and red. Made by the master crafters over at Woman’s Day it only takes 20 minutes to make, but the holiday effect over your mantel or on your door is stunning. Plus the materials can be found at any local craft store, and won’t cost you much.

6. Olive branches

These thick and feathery olive branches are a nice break from fir wreaths that adorn the front doors of most homes. The golden bells, added by the wreath’s creator at the blog Shades of Blue Interiors, add a festive, almost church-like touch to your home.

7. Candy cane

If the Candy Man can do it, so you can you! All this wreath requires is a little knowledge, a lot of yarn, and the template from the craft website, Annie’s Catalog.

8. Golden halo

Recreate this metallic pinecone wreath with instructions from Midwest Living. The key is collecting enough walnuts and ornaments that you can spray paint gold—then hot glue them against pinecones sprayed silver and white. The magazine recommends using 8″ pieces of florist’s wire to attach pinecones to a wire wreath as your base.

9. Grapevine greatness

Grapevine is another wonderful wreath material alternative: easy to cut and bend, with an instant rustic-chic vibe. Copy this monogrammed grapevine wreath from How To Make a Burlap Wreath, complete with a preppy Chevron bow, to let the neighbors know you’re celebrating the season. Or, watch this handy DIY Grapevine wreath video from This Old House.

10. Cookie cutter

This wreath’s genius is all in the simplicity. All you need is a thick, pretty ribbon, and a set of Christmas cookie cutters in festive shapes. (Using all one shape, like stars, tends to work best to create an interlocking circle.) Just follow the simple ribbon knotting instructions from the lifestyle blog Inspired by Charm.

11. Gilded grapevine

Once you’ve worked with grapevine, you may never go back to pine. Firstly, because it has such rustic charm, but also because it’s very wallet friendly! The blog Mommy Suite can show you how to make this sweet and shiny wreath for $8 or less.

12. Wintry wool

What could be more inviting than this soft and festive circle? (Just don’t hang it outside where it can get wet.) View from the Fridge, a family lifestyle blog, can teach you how to create this plush-looking Anthropologie inspired wreath for a quarter of the cost.

Natalie van der Meer
Natalie van der Meer
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