The 17 sweetest letters to Santa from kids with big hearts

These children asked Santa for some surprising things that will make you smile and melt your heart.

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Even with good parents, great school teachers, and valuable CCD lessons or church sermons, it’s not always easy for children to remember the true meaning of Christmas. They are constantly being bombarded with toy advertisements on TV, other kids at school spend all of December talking (or bragging) about what Santa will bring them, and as they walk home, they’re passing store windows full of whirring gadgets, pretty shoes, and bright lights. Not to mention the other people they see on the street: this time of year, everyone seems to be carrying large, loaded-up bags that say Toys R Us or Target on them. So it’s not hard to imagine why some kids become little gift-monsters this time of year, pleading for video games, dolls, and action figures.

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But when these 17 kids sat down to write up their letters to Santa this year, they surprised their parents (and us!) with their generous spirits and kind words. Instead of the usual toy requests, these tykes said things to the big jolly red-suited man like, “fly safe,” “remember you’re a great person” and “give everyone else my toys” … among many other very charitable, grateful, and, yes, very hilarious things. (If you were their parents, you’d want to share these gems on Instagram, too!)

Just take a look at their sweet hand-written notes: they’re guaranteed to lift your seasonal spirits.

Item number one? A unicorn. Item number two? I love you.

Also, Santa, get ready for some pickles and milk this year. You deserve it after moving that mountain for little Ellie. (All will become clear below. Well, sort of.)

A little hope, a lot of heart

Seamus has so many sweet hopes for Christmas. And none of them are for toys. The note says: “Dear Santa, My name is Seamusβ€”I am writing to ask for some hopeful things for Christmas. I hope that people have fun. I hope people get gifts. I hope people are happy. Love, Seamus.”

We’ll let you decide

Henry is asking Santa the ultimate question: “Am I good, Santa?”

Henry's #santaletter

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Kindness is a gift in & of itself

So thank you, little Isabel, for being just as kind as Santa.

#santaletter ❀️

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Safety tips for Santa

Always make sure your reindeer are fueled up, and you’ve changed the oil on your sleigh.

I want a lot, but some kids need more

So instead of listing toys, little Claire asked for love and memories to be made.

Dear Santa... This may be the sweetest letter we have read this year! #authenticduluth #santaletter

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Present requests belong in the P.S.

Being kind is what counts. But if you can throw in some cool markers, that’s pretty great, too.

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Santa can probably pass this message along to God

Especially since it’s one of love. Daniel says: “This year if you could bring some toys for the poor kids that be good. Thank you, Santa, and God. Love Daniel. I love you and God so much.”

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Santa service request: donation pickup

The start of this short little letter is only rivaled by its end. “I want nothing for Christmas … Give everyone else my toys.”

I wonder what Jesus put on his wish-list to Santa?

This little boy would like “time” for Christmas. And the answer to a very important question: “Why do you give us presents? Is it because Jesus got them? Please respond! Thank you!”

Another precious one πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ #santaletter this one knows what it's about.

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Putting the homeless first

It’s not every day you see deodorant on a little girl’s Christmas wish list. But this note says, “Dear Santa, This year the stuff I will be asking for is not for me. I will only ask for one thing only. (P.S. the stuff is going to the homeless.) 1. 20 things of toothpaste and toothbrushes 2. 30 things of snacks and water 3. 40 things of bags. 4. 30 hairbrushes 5. 50 shirts extra-large 6. 30 can food 7. 30 deodorant.” Then she lists the one item she wants for herself.

Always remember that you’re a great person

Little words of encouragement for a man who gives so much: “I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Have a safe trip back to the North Pole when you’r(e) done doing your job. Always remember that you are a great person.”

To be 10 again and not have finals.. #santaletter #sister

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Being good = helping parents with technology

Sometimes community service means helping old people figure out their electronics: “I helped my dad with his computer … I helped my mom talk on the phone.” (Spoiler alert: you’re going to be doing a lot more of this as you and your parents age, kiddo.)

Please say hello to Mrs. Clause for me

This little lady always minds her manners: “Oh, yes, will you please say hello to Mrs. Clause, all the elves, and all the reindeer. Have a very safe journey. I hope it won’t be to(o) cold. Lots of love.”

Marry me, Mr. Clause?

The best Christmas proposal ever … no diamond ring required. And not a toy request in sight.

Fly safe, Santa

And please bring young Lincoln a Christmas tree and a yo-yo because he’s “been pretty good.” (You have to love how old-school this kid’s wish list is! If you have a child like Lincoln, check out our nostalgic gift guide of 26 Christmas toys for some easy and inexpensive shopping inspiration.) Then he tells Santa “Please fly safe and have a good holiday.”

#dictatedbutnotread #santaletter #simple

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Because it’s all you can really ask for

Here’s to you, Willy, and to good health for everyone, big and small, and one and all!

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Vote for your favorite Santa letter below, or, if your little angel wrote a great and grateful note to Santa this year, share it with us in the comments!

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