3 clutter-busting tricks to try before the holidays start (VIDEOS)

Organize your home now—before the relatives and the parties—to keep your kitchen sparkling, your pantry primed, and your sanity intact.

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Make Christmas pageant costumes, donate canned goods, shop for presents, look up vegetarian side recipes for your cousin’s wife … Did your to-do list somehow get longer than last year’s? Did we just remind you of a few more things to add to your list? Take. Deep. Breaths.

The truth is, it would be tough to guarantee a stress-free Christmas season. Because, believe it or not, chaos is inevitable. But you can at least make it a slightly smoother, more orderly chaos. Clutter experts like Marie Kondo and Linda Koopersmith seem to agree that one of the biggest ways to stave off madness is to organize your house so you know exactly where things are, have plenty of room to cook and craft, and won’t have to do too much extra work to prep for holiday shindigs.

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Here are three videos we hope will inspire you to get your home into tip-top shape for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

1. Find more space in your pantry, linen cupboard & other closets

Does it feel like your home gets smaller every year? Professional organizer Nonnah of the blog “Get Organized Already” can help you make the best use of all your little storage nooks. This time of year, for example, you’re likely to have groceries galore … but not enough places to put them. Part of the problem are crackers and other pantry staples that don’t always come in the most space-friendly packaging. Or, you might have guests coming, but no linen closet … Nonnah can help with that conundrum, too. Just watch:

2. Bring order to your dresser drawers

Your clothes, your husband’s clothes, your kids’ clothes—it all ends up becoming a lot to manage. Especially when you’re trying to find those tights that go with your daughter’s church dress, or that skirt for your office Christmas party outfit. But time is precious during the holidays, and you don’t have 30 minutes to waste on hunting through your messy dresser.

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In this video, Linda Koopersmith, the Beverly Hills Organizer, will show you how to maximize your drawer space and keep everything looking spic and span. After you follow her tips, you might even smile when you open your drawers in the morning. Now doesn’t that sound like a refreshing change of pace?


3. Declutter your kitchen

That’s right. It’s time for the big kahuna: the kitchen. Between all the cooking, chatting and late-night leftover-snacking, it’s the room in your house that plays the largest role over the holidays. You’ll want yours to look nice for guests, sure, but you’ll also benefit from it being easy to use. And the key to a user-friendly kitchen is to organize, organize, organize.

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Professional organizer Barbara Reich will show you how to declutter your kitchen with finesse … including all those kitchen drawers you’ve been stashing miscellaneous odds and ends in. Don’t worry: you can do it!

Pick a quiet week before the festivities start, and try to tackle one of these rooms per day (or every two days if you need more time). Even if you don’t get the entire room completely perfect, you’ll feel so much better after a good fall cleaning. And you’ll thank yourself when you can find the turkey baster with ease on November 24.

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