Our 3 favorite YouTube videos by charming priest Mike Schmitz

Fr. Mike Schmitz, a dead ringer for actor Jon Hamm, tackles life’s tough questions—like ‘Can a Christian get a tattoo?’—on his video channel.

Scene from Can I Get a Tattoo?

Asking the big questions is a normal part of human nature, and that includes, for the faithful, questioning God’s plan or particular traditions in Christianity. Now, sure, we could do the research ourselves, but sometimes it’s nice to have a conversation with a spiritual leader. But say you want a brief answer to a spiritual or existential question, like “Why do I always procrastinate?” and you’re stuck at the office. Well, tune into the YouTube channel of Fr. Mike Schmitz. Let’s be honest: Sometimes it helps to have your questions answered by a priest with a sense of humor.

The funny Minnesotan priest ministers to 30,000 subscribers on “Ascension Presents,” a YouTube channel that now has nearly three million views. His videos address common Christian questions about purpose and deeper meaning, such as “Will God heal my wounds?” “Why does God let bad things happen?” and “Does God love some people more?” The Jon Hamm look-alike’s down-to-earth approach is relatable, easy to understand, and never intimidating, so you’ll never feel like you’re being condescended to when asking important questions about life’s conundrums. What’s not to love?

Here are our three favorite videos from the very likable Fr. Schmitz. We hope you enjoy his talks as much as we do!

1. Can I get a tattoo?

Ever wondered if you shouldn’t get a tattoo for religious reasons? Find out just what Fr. Schmitz has to say about inking up from a Christian perspective.

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2. Procrastination isn’t always laziness

Feeling bad about pushing something until later? Hear why Fr. Schmitz thinks waiting is sometimes the best choice.

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3. Wanting to fix people

Patience is so valuable to any relationship. Listen to Fr. Schmitz explain why ignoring our loved one’s flaws or “annoying” habits won’t make the core problem go away.

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