30 most popular ‘For Her’ stories of 2016

These articles show what was really important to us as women over the past year.

From left to right: Dijan Ristovski | Stocksy United. Rockford Diocese | YouTube.com. Jovo Jovanovic | Stocksy United

1. Family man Matt Damon: the two-week rule

That it’s important to keep our priorities straight. Our two most popular stories of the year were about Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg putting more enduring things above their glittering Hollywood careers—a rarity!

2. Mark Wahlberg pauses Transformers filming because it was Sunday

(In fact, this was a very vocal year for Wahlberg on his close relationship with God.)

3. Katie Ledecky: rising above the noise in the swim for gold

That faith can help us do amazing things.

4. The 8 types of women you absolutely need in your friend tribe

That your real friends can’t be found behind a screen.

5. The miraculous life of Gianna Masciantonio, a little girl kissed by the Pope

That prayer is the answer.

6. Two priests’ carpool karaoke with bishop in backseat is worth the entire 7 minutes (VIDEO)

That we need to invite our local priests over to dinner a lot more.

7. 6 easy ways you can help the crisis in Venezuela

That we must give, every day.

8. Nuns attempt Carpool Karaoke but their funny outtakes are what steals the show

That laughter is a gift.

9. What were you put on this earth to do? 4 tips to help you find your true calling

That we all have a greater purpose and we need to find it.

10. I took my marriage for granted, until I received on unlikely sign

That marriage is one of the most important things we will ever do, and it’s forever.

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Cynthia Dermody
Cynthia Dermody

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