Our 5 most pinned beauty tips & makeup tricks

Quick and natural ways to highlight your favorite features and look more refreshed. You’ll want to pin these for Friday night!

Left: Makeup by Valli. Right : Makeup by Burani. Imaxtree

The colder months can leave you feeling less than chic. Perhaps you’re suffering from dryer skin and duller hair. Or maybe you just feel like the Michelin tire guy every time you put on your winter coat. (Throw in some seasonal affective disorder and you’re definitely not feeling like your usual beautiful self.) Whatever the reason is for your beauty rut, these smart tricks and tips are helping real women just like you to beat the winter blues and embrace a little cold-weather confidence.

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Make use of these five natural beauty stories that readers have pinned the most this month. We hope that they offer you some useful inspiration and add a little sparkle to your makeup routine—without adding any extra time!

1. Multipurpose cosmetics you’ll love

Don’t have the sink space, purse space, or, frankly the time for loads of one-trick pony beauty products? Who does? That’s why For Her curated a line-up of multipurpose cosmetics that are light, natural, and perfect for your low-key routine. Whether you’re looking for a balm that goes the distance or three-in-one facial oil to stay hydrated, we’ve got you covered.

2. Mascara tricks to open up your eyes

Your eyes are the window to your soul! Use mascara to open up those baby blues (or browns or greens) without looking overly made-up, or getting clumpy ‘spider-leg’ lashes. These professional tips show you easy mascara application tricks that will help bring out the light in your eyes.

3. Earth-friendly moisturizers for all skin types

Looking healthy and beautiful shouldn’t require damaging Mother Earth. That’s why we’ve pulled 14 moisturizers that are eco-conscious for you to check out and see what works for you. And never fear—we’ve chosen something for every skin type.

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4. A-list celebrities embracing minimal makeup looks

Think minimal make-up is just for everyday women who are too busy to bother with all that powder and product? Think again! These popular celebrities prove that celebrating your natural beauty and opting for a more fresh-faced look can still be incredibly glamorous. Use their photos to inspire your own lighter make-up routine.

5. Julie de Libran reveals French beauty secrets

If you’ve ever wondered how French women age so gracefully, French fashion icon Julie de Libran has a few smart pointers. (You’ll be shocked at how simple they are!) Find out how the Paris native cares for her skin, plays up her eyes, and more.

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