Our 5 most popular pins on acts of kindness

Our most popular stories of hearts in action reminding us of the power in helping others.

Mirco Vacca | Shutterstock, IKEA 25m2 Syria. Photo Courtesy of POL

With the advent season firmly in full-swing there’s no surprise that these tales of kindness are trending on Pinterest. From an individual stepping out onto the streets to help others, to a global company reminding us of just how lucky we are, take a quick look at what’s important in life and be inspired to reach out to those in need during this holiday season and beyond.

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Connecting with strangers

Walking along the street, this gentleman from Kindness.org asks the most simple of questions: Can I help you? With some surprising results, this social experiment reminds us to just look out for each other.

Advocating for orphans

Adoption champion Michelle Madrid-Branch, speaking from experience, reaches out to adoptees to encourage them to share their stories, to offer them support and to show them how much they matter.

A global response to a cry for help

What do you do when your autistic teen son can only drink from one very specific cup … and it’s no longer in production? You spread the word and watch as people from all over the world go digging around their cupboards to send you theirs. And then watch as the cup’s manufacturer comes to the rescue too!

We all need a roof

Proof that it’s not just individuals who think of others: global furniture producer, Ikea, creates an in-store reminder of how those in danger are living. And the results are alarming but necessary.

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Offer hope

We can all offer donations to those causes that touch our hearts, but Claude and Kelley Nikondeha decided to tackle the problem head on. Dedicating their lives to the marginalized and impoverished in Burundi, Africa, their work with the communities has brought hope and opportunity to hundreds.


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