5 short prayers for stressful moments

If you are anxious today or any day, try reciting these prayers to help put your mind at ease.

Kirstin McKee | Stocksy United

No matter how you voted, many of us have come to understand one thing from this election: that our nation is a painfully divided one. That knowledge hangs heavy, even for those of us not entrenched in the politics of it all, and it can also be personally stressful. But we must do our best to take a deep breath, and try to remember not to stress about the things we cannot control. It is better to focus on the things we can control: like inner peace. By working on setting our own hearts and minds right, you’ll be better able to help yourself, your family, and your fellow Americans.

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Many people find that prayer is one effective way to do that. According to a 2014 Pew Research Center survey, 55 percent of Americans say they pray every day, so at least that’s something many of us have that in common, regardless of politics. Another reassuring, stress-busting fact? Prayer and meditation may be good for your health, especially when it comes to reducing your blood pressure. Being physically well can certainly bring you some peace in a difficult time. So center yourself and pray on.

Here are five prayers that may reduce your stress and hopefully bring you a little of the peace you’re searching for.



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