9 heavenly scented candles in designer fragrances

The right aroma can soothe a stressed mind, energize a tired body, or set the mood for romance. Why not wear the fragrance you love, and come home to it, too?

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When a fragrance speaks to you, you want to envelope yourself in its aroma. While most perfume brands no longer manufacture matching scented drawer liners and sachets, many companies are now creating candles that coordinate with their wearable scents. Here are nine perfume and candle duos that can help you reset your mood, whether you’re in or out of the house.


Husband and wife team Geoff Weiser and Suji Meswani left the corporate world to create Skeem, a company that prides itself on incredibly unique scents. All of their handcrafted items are made in the USA, and each has a dual purpose. When finished warming a room, the company’s Pillar Candles become drinking glasses; the containers of the Field Pillar, Half-Pint, and Ink Pot candles can all be used to keep odds and ends in a pretty place once the wax is used up. They’re great for organizing desk items, or filling with cotton balls to cheer up a bathroom. Skeem also makes sure not to overuse packaging materials when you buy their candles—keeping their carbon footprint a small one.

Skeem Citrus & Olive rollerball perfume and candle

Skeem Block candle in Citrus & Olive ($44, Skeem Shop), and Skeem Citrus & Olive rollerball perfume, ($16, Skeem Shop) are a perfect match. It sounds a bit odd to combine a citrus scent with the tart brininess of olive, but the resulting aroma is warm and bright, yet deep and earthy. Underlying ingredients include fig, cedarwood and eucalyptus. It’s the type of fragrance that as a candle immediately infuses a sense of calm into any room. When worn against the skin, the scent deepens with time, making it even more individual and delicious.

Skeem Vintage Peony rollerball perfume and candle

Skeem Vintage Peony rollerball perfume ($16, Skeem Shop) Part of Skeem’s Pure Collection of fragrances, this Vintage Peony scent is lush and romantic—one sniff and you’re transported to a flower-filled garden. The peony is mixed with lily and a hint of musk, which gives this scent a soft touch. The matching Pillar Candle, $24, Skeem Shop, (which, again, can be re-used as a drinking glass) is an exact match for the perfume. The pillar candle’s decoration is a collage of vintage postards, documents, and old stamps.


Gaye Straza, the creator of Kai, wasn’t fond of perfumes that were on counters across the country, but she had always loved the scent of a particular white flower that she’d found on a tropical vacation. So she decided to re-create that smell in a perfume just for herself. Walking down Madison Avenue, she was accosted by a Beauty Editor who wanted to know what she was wearing … the rest is history. All her products are made in the USA and are paraben-free, gluten-free, and sulfate, phthalate, phosphate-free, vegan and cruelty-free. None of the products contain microbeads.

Kai Perfume Oil and The Nightlight Candle

Kai Perfume Oil, ($48, Kai). Slightly sweet and feminine, the scent is a mix of gardenia and other white tropical flowers, and the oil is very long lasting on your skin. The roll-on applicator deposits just the right amount on your wrists (and don’t forget behind the ears). It’s been worn by Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts and Jennifer Garner. The Nightlight Candle, ($26, Kai) is the smaller version—the perfect size if you’re not sure whether or not you love the smell yet, but still potent enough to transform your evening into a tropical night.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta created elegant, ladylike fashion adored by women of all ages. Everything he created, including his fragrances, became an instant classic.

Oscar de la Renta Something Blue perfume and candle

A romantic scent (with a gorgeous bottle to match), Oscar de la Renta Something Blue was inspired by the designer’s line of wedding gowns. The fragrance comes in a 1.7 oz EDP ($85, Oscar de La Renta), and is made with floral tones of stephanotis, lily of the valley, linden blossom, bourbon vanilla, musk, and uplifting mandarin. Continuing with a bridal theme, the old fashioned bottle has a removable ring, while the Something Blue candle ($65, Oscar de la Renta) is the same color as a traditional wedding garter.

Andrea Schroder

Andrea’s company started out as homemade thank you gifts to friends and family who came to visit her on her farm. Now the candles and fragrances are sold throughout the country, but still with a personal touch: each candle is accompanied by a poem written by her grandmother.

Andrea Shroder Vanilla Teak Room and Body Mist

Andrea Shroder Vanilla Teak Room and Body Mist, ($20, Andrea Schroder) is a triple duty scent. You can wear it on your person, spritz it in a room, and spray it on bed linens. The combination of vanilla and teak creates a warm, relaxing scent, like snoozing by a fire. The fragrance is a mélange of Tahitian vanilla, natural and essential oils, denatured alcohol and Topanga Mountain spring water. The Vanilla Teak candle, ($35, Andrea Shroder) is made from natural coconut wax (every candle created by Andrea Schroder uses only non-toxic, natural materials), and yes, it’s a perfect match to the body mist.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works seems to be the gateway “drug” to home fragrances, perfumes, lotions and more. Situated in busy cities and malls across the nation, they have given women of all ages scent indulgences that immediately perk up the psyche. Who can resist their lemon scented cleansers or their tiny fragranced bottles of anti-bacterial? Walking inside is like finding a treasure trove of matching scented products.

Sparkling Limoncello Fine Fragrance Mist and candle

It’s hard to choose just one scent from the vast array of fragrance lines at Bath & Bodyworks, but with winter winds blowing, we decided a warm hint of spring was in order. The Limoncello 3-Wick Candle, ($16, Bath & Bodyworks) is crafted from vegetable wax, with three long burning wicks, and a longlasting fragrance. It’s very lemony; a blend of Sorrento lemons, lemon zest and a dash of cane sugar. The Sparkling Limoncello Fine Fragrance Mist, ($7, Bath & Body Works), complements the candle with a citrusy mix of Meyer lemon, Kaffir lime, ruby grapefruit, nectarine, verbena, orange flower, cedarwood and praline; it’s vivacious and energizing.

Aerin Lauder

The granddaughter of Estee Lauder, Aerin grew up surrounded by the beauty business. In addition to being the Style and Image Director of Estee Lauder, she also runs her own line of perfumes, cosmetics and soft furnishings under the eponymously named company Aerin.

Aerin Rose de Grasse perfume and candle

For romantics and rose lovers, nothing but Aerin Rose de Grasse, ($185, Aerin) will do. From the very first spritz to over eight hours later, the opulent scent of roses lingers on the skin. The fragrance is comprised of roses, roses, and more roses. To be exact, the hundred petaled Rose Cenitifolia is at the heart of the fragrance. Rose Otto Bulgarian and Rose Absolute are then added to create the feeling of a 100-rose bouquet that not just opens—it pops. A dash of musk has been added to bring depth to the fragrance. The long burning Aerin Rose de Grasse candle, ($65, Aerin), smells exactly like the perfume when lit, and makes any room feel as if it has been transformed into a rose garden on a sunny day; each flower bursting with scent.


Juara skin care and fragrances are based on JAMU, a centuries old herbal medicinal discipline practiced in Indonesia. Specific natural ingredients are used to treat specific skin care conditions. JAMU healers utilized local herbs and botanicals in recipes that healed everything from stomach woes to aging skin care issues. Four modern women, Metta Murdaya, Yoshiko Roth, Jill Sung and Tami Chuang created Juara to combine Western and Eastern philosophy, and to make a socially conscious skin care line that is results driven while being also 100% vegetarian skin care completely free of harsh chemicals and artificial colors.

Juara’s Candlenut Perfume-Rollerball and candle

Take one sniff of Juara’s Candlenut Perfume-Rollerball, ($28, Juara) and you’re suddenly in the tropics. A soothing floral blend of freesia, jasmine, bergamot, rose, coconut, and green notes might make you forget winter ever arrived. The rollerball perfume is safe for sensitive skin; it was tested by a dermatologist. It is alcohol, paraben and petroleum free, and 100% vegetarian. The Juara Hope Candle, ($35, Juara), made from natural soy and vegetable waxes, mimics the Candlenut perfume exactly. Even better: ten percent of its sales are donated to Walubi, an NGO that assists the poor and disaster-hit areas in Indonesia by providing emergency relief aid and rebuilding infrastructures.

Juara Jasmine Tiare Perfume-Rollerball

If you have ever smelled the night air in the tropics and caught a whisper of Night Blooming Jasmine, the Juara Jasmine Tiare Perfume-Rollerball, ($28, Juara) will bring those memories back instantaneously. It’s a blend of jasmine tea blossoms, Tiare flowers, magnolia petals, bamboo, palm fronds with violet petals, vanilla, musk, and amber. It’s very rich, very heady, and oh-so-luxurious smelling. The complementary Juara Awake Candle, ($35, Juara) has a base of vegetable and soy waxes, and, when lit, wafts an uplifting blend of jasmine, Tiare flowers, violet leaves, magnolia petals mixed with bamboo and palm fronds through the air.

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