Alan Thicke & Kirk Cameron’s best father-son moments from ‘Growing Pains’

Famous TV Dad Alan Thicke died on December 13 at age 69. Here are 3 clips that relive some of Thicke’s best fatherly moments in the role of Dr. Seaver with his son Mike.

The cast of Growing Pains, 1985–1992. Warner Bros. Television | MovieStills.DB

If you were a kid in the 1980s, you probably grew up watching the Seaver family on the sitcom, Growing Pains. Which also means that you grew up with big-hearted, thick-haired, and somewhat sarcastic Dr. Jason Seaver, played by actor Alan Thicke, as one of your first TV Dads. (And, if so, you weren’t alone: TV Guide even named him number 37 on their top 50 list of “Greatest TV Dads of All-Time”.)

So, to many of us, it felt a little like losing a father figure when news spread on December 13 that Alan Thicke had suffered a heart attack and died at age 69. Our hearts and prayers went out to the Thicke family, and we immediately thought back to our fond TV-memories of Thicke.

Kirk Cameron, who spent many years playing Dr. Seaver’s son Mike alongside Thicke on the show, certainly felt that way, too. Though the two didn’t always see eye to eye later on in their careers, they were fond of one another, and today, the actor took to Instagram to share his grief over Thicke’s passing, and remember their time together.

Though there aren’t all that many Growing Pains clips available on YouTube, we chose our favorite three father-son moments between the two actors for you to enjoy. (But if you’re feeling nostalgic, there are even more scenes—and in higher quality—if you want to buy and watch the DVDs).

Three heartwarming Growing Pains moments:

1. Peer pressure: When Mike misses his curfew (yet again!) he has a heart-to-heart with his Dad about what it feels like to say no to friends who want you to conform. When Mike complains that he feels like he let everyone at the party down by not doing drugs, Jason rightly says, “except yourself.”

2. Family lies: In this humorous scene, Alan Thicke’s character isn’t on screen, but he’s the topic of discussion, as Mike and his siblings realize that parents are fallible human beings, too. Our favorite part? When Mike, shocked that his Dad would ever lie, says, “How well do we really know this man?” To which little brother Ben responds: “I’ve known him since I was a kid.”

3. Two dads: When Luke decides to leave the house to go live with his biological father, Mike is distressed, but his Dad is there to help him through it with words of comfort, and a simple reassuring hand on Mike’s shoulder. (Bonus: Leonardo DiCaprio, who was a regular guest star on the show as a young actor, makes an appearance in this clip.)


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