The most amazing #inktober drawings from week one

The #inktober project is taking over Instagram, encouraging amateurs and professional artists alike to hand-draw something different every day in October. These doodles and masterpieces are meant to be shared.

Ink and watercolor drawing of Florence Cathedral, Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers. 

If you’ve opened your Instagram app this month, amidst all the usual autumn #applepicking and #pumpkin photos, you’ve probably noticed a lot more hand-drawn art than usual, accompanied by another classic fall hashtag: #Inktober. The #Inktober movement was started in 2009 by a Utah-based artist and illustrator named Jake Parker as a personal challenge to improve his own drawing skills: he asked himself to sketch one new drawing every day for a month. But in the past seven years, as he shared his day-by-day drawings with others, his idea has grown into an annual worldwide project when thousands of artists also take on his challenge to hand draw a picture every single day for all 31 days of October.

The rules are simple: artists can only use pens and paper (no computer graphics or special tools). Though some people add dashes of colored pen, most are black and white, and the content of #Inktober drawings should be generally inspired by the one-word inktober prompts that Jake posts on his site: words like “hungry” or “hidden.” The idea isn’t to follow the prompts to the letter; artists draw whatever pops into their heads after seeing the word. The real point is to encourage everyone to be creative, no matter your skill level, age or where you live. And to share that creativity and beauty with one another via social media. The effect on Instagram and Facebook feels like a worldwide brainstorm and mutual-appreciation fest for professional artists, aspiring artists, and people who just love art.

The collection of artworks below is a mere sampling of all the beauty, humor, and skill that stood out during the first seven days of drawings, but there are so many more to find! After scrolling through our picks, simply type #inktober into your Instagram search to explore.

Inktober '16! #inktober #inktober2016 #ink #illustration #inktober2go #inktoberday1 #letsdraw #day5 #mypaperlovelies

A photo posted by MyPaperLovelies|SuhasiniPenna (@mypaperlovelies) on

Day 1: fast

Inspired by Rodney Mullen #inktober2016 #fast #inktoberday1

A photo posted by Isan (@chengisan) on

Day 2: noisy

Finally posting this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #inktober

A photo posted by Sierra R (@sievva) on

i'm doing terrible with #inktober so far... 4 days behind... oh well ✨ #inktober2016 #inktoberday2

A photo posted by Ny (@frizzlethatnizz) on

Day 3: collect

Day 4: hungry

#inktober day 4! Simpler one today!

A photo posted by Will Murai (@willmurai) on

Inktober day 3- Apple pie....anyone hungry?

A photo posted by Kristina Nosal (@kjnosal) on

Day 5: sad

Day five of Inktober: Sad 🎭

A photo posted by Bloem Ligthart (@bloemslittlegallery) on

5/31 @rodarte ❤️ . . #dibujo #drawing #inktober #inktober2016 #inktobermexico #rodarte

A photo posted by Mónica Figueroa (@monoaural) on

Sitting posed like sadness goes. #Inktober #Inktober2016 #InktoberDay5 #Sad #CaughtUp

A photo posted by Max _Joslyn (@max_joslyn) on

Day 6: hidden

The reluctant dragon

On the plane to Burlington, VT. #inkober2016 #inktober

A photo posted by Aaron Blaise (@aaronblaiseart) on

i kept seeing everybody drawing plants,,,i felt left out lmao #inktober #inktober2016 #hidden

A photo posted by Pali (@palinola) on

#inktober2016 #inktober #ink #sketchbook #sketch #illustration #olgacherkashina #autumn #umbrella #olgacherkashina

A photo posted by Olga Cherkashina (@olgacher0106) on

#inktober2016 #inktober drew my husband @dymyrn :)

A photo posted by Savannah Alexandra (@savannahsparrow) on

Day 7: Lost

Inktober day 7. This is actually in colour but I kinda like this filter. #alice #aliceinwonderland #inktober #inktober2016 #art #fanart #illustration

A photo posted by Hannah Alexander Artwork (@hannah_alexander_artwork) on

Inktober 7 - quick and simple.

A photo posted by Will Murai (@willmurai) on

#inktober #inktober2016 #illustration #cowboybebop #drawing

A photo posted by Travis McMichael (@travgarthereckless) on

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