52-year-old ballerina stuns in new ‘pro’ aging ad (VIDEO)

Italian prima ballerina Alessandra Ferri is taking center stage in a tech-savvy, thought-provoking skincare ad that challenges modern-day beauty standards.

It’s amazing what can happen in a minute. How a tiny film—a TV commercial for a five-and-dime anti-aging serum, no less—can move us, shape us, change us. And yet, in the minute we watch 52-year-old Italian prima ballerina Alessandra Ferri dance with a hologram of her 19-year-old self in the ad for No. 7 Lift & Luminate facial serum, we are moved and changed as we watch what transpires.

The commercial opens with Ferri alone on a stage. Within seconds the hologram appears. It’s Ferri at 19, dancing with the American Ballet Theater, where she was a principal—recruited by Mikhail Baryshnikov. The two “selves” begin to dance together, in sync, before the real Ferri diverges, exchanges glances with her younger self, and then pirouettes into and seems to absorb her hologram.

The power of the moment is unmistakable. For all the looking back women of a certain age might do, wishing we were back in our “prime,” this ad reminds us we are never not in our prime. We’re better for having lived and experienced and “danced”—no matter what that looks like for each of us.

And by the time Ferri stops to breathe and face the camera—without a stitch of makeup or special lighting to hide the fact that she is 52 years old—we read the words “Ready for More” before she spins away again.

Certainly this isn’t the message we’re used to receiving from companies keen on selling us yet another remedy, yet another product to “fight” aging. This ad actually puts its product in its proper place. Wanting to look fresh and vibrant is wonderful! Wanting to have healthy, even youthful-looking skin is terrific! But it isn’t everything, especially when it makes an idol of our youth and makes us feel that a well-lived life is less beautiful than a young, inexperienced one.

Ferri shows that who we are and how we feel, how we look and what we’re capable of, transcend age. There’s no age limit on beauty or ability or purpose. And while it’s fun to revisit the memories and mirages of our former self, they are just that: memories and mirages. As Ferri captures beautifully, we don’t lose the beauty of our youth, we absorb it, make it better, and get “ready for more.”

It’s a powerful message—one we would all do well to hold tight to.

Caryn Rivadeneira
Caryn Rivadeneira
Caryn Rivadeneira is the author of five books and is a columnist for Her.meneutics and ThinkChristian. She lives outside Chicago with her husband, three kids, and one red-nose pit bull. Visit her at carynrivadeneira.com.

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