Smart & stylish organizing tips for every room

Declutter your home with these clever solutions shared by interior designers and organizing pros.

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Whether you’re a clotheshorse, a bibliophile, a mother, or all three, you are probably all too aware of the perils of clutter. What can start out as a cute cluster of your favorite things can quickly grow into a full-fledged collection of junk. Before you know it, you’re tripping over things or unable to dredge up what you actually need from an unmanageable pile. It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio apartment or a spacious chateau—organizing your home is key to stress-free living.

Better yet, why not do it artfully?

For Her culled Instagram for the very best tips from organizational and home decor experts. Their inspiring photos show you how to maximize space and group your belongings so they’re easy to locate, but not an eye-sore. Here are some of our most elegant organizational finds, from room to room:

In the kitchen

Better backsplash

When cabinet space runs low, put up some chalkboard and an organizer rod of hooks behind your sink. You’ll have more room to hang this and that, as well as room to get creative with choice quotes and drawings. DIY-ers favor using Rust-Oleum’s specialty tintable chalkboard paint ($10, Home Depot) to create a chalkboard backsplash.

Tidy towels

There’s a way to live with kitchen towels that doesn’t involve them becoming one unsightly pile (never folded quite as nicely as they first were in the store). This solution takes a narrow drawer and a meticulous, tight fold.

Counter container

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Is this two-story metal container rustic chic or urban chic? It’s both! And it belongs on your kitchen counter or island no matter where you live and no matter what condiments and spices you prefer.

Pantry perfection

Take your grains, powders, and spices out of their store packaging and put them in sturdy storage containers like these ones. Glass and labels will remove all of the frustrating mystery from going through your pantry. Get the look with Glass slant jars ($10, The Container Store) and Shayne kitchen baskets ($63, Pottery Barn).

In the bathroom

Brush bouquet

Place all of your make-up brushes in a single glass or two and give it the prime real estate it deserves in a stylish way. Pro organizer Karolina Barbosa cleaned and re-purposed an old Diptyque glass candle ($32, Nordstrom) as her brush holder for extra flare. Bonus: when you see all of your brushes on a daily basis, chances are you’ll remember to clean them more regularly, too.

Makeup master

Make-up bags can easily get out of hand and, in many smaller homes, drawer space is a hot commodity. Organize your make-up in a clear mini shelf like this one. We like the Ikea design acrylic display box set because it comes with drawers and pockets for stand-up items ($23, Overstock). Put it on the counter and never wonder where a certain shade of lipstick is again.

Stylish shelving

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space, make it with suspended shelves out of high-quality, upcycled materials. The best part? It takes up zero floor space. These shelves have strong lines and a classic color scheme.

In the Bedroom

Shoe tower

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Do your shoe collection a justice by making every pair a cinch to find. There are plenty of shoe rack designs out there, but not all of them are created equal. This wooden shoe pyramid is simple but bold, turning your shoe display into a piece of art.

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Outfits on display

No walk-in closet? No problem. A clothing rack in a metallic neutral can do wonders for keeping your wardrobe nice and neat, or laying out your favorite outfit for tomorrow’s luncheon. It doubles as an accent piece in the bedroom, too. If you like the look, try this New York Closet Clothes Rack ($399, Pottery Barn).

Clear closet

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Boxes and bins are far more helpful when you can see what they contain. That’s why clear plastic ones make so much sense. Plus, they’re pretty! Especially if you want to go the extra mile and group your things into coordinating colors. Navigating your closet will no longer feel like you’re going on safari.

Golden gallery

Sometimes it seems like the nursery just isn’t big enough for all of your baby’s beautiful things. There’s no reason to shove everything in the closet, though. Bring some of it out and put it on display throughout the baby’s bedroom. Bitty shoes don’t just belong on your child’s feet; they can be a form of decor, too.

Simple jewelry swing

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A jewelry box may be a timeless treasure ideal for rings, bracelets, and small earrings, but it may not be the best solution for long necklaces. This wooden jewelry rack lets necklaces hang at their full length to prevent them from getting tangled.

In other rooms

Vertical library

This idea could work in your study, living room, bedroom, or wherever it is you wish to keep extra books. For some of us, one bookshelf simply is not enough. Rather than cramming too many books in a single piece of furniture, this clever solution lets your books breathe a little. Want to do it yourself? Try following these simple instructions from Someday Crafts.

Cubby corner

Hooks really can go anywhere as long as there’s some rhyme and reason to their placement, as this post proves. The mudroom is the perfect place to get creative with hooks and keep your children’s coats and bookbags organized.

Entryway organizer

Keys, sunglasses, and all of those other must-have bits and bobbles will be right at home in a repurposed wicker tray in the front hall or mudroom. By keeping them in one centralized (and pretty) location, you’ll never guess where these everyday necessities are again.

Disguised drying racks

Want to minimize clutter in the laundry room? Opt for built-in drying racks. No more wrestling with folding and unfolding portable racks usually left stacked against the wall or deep in a closet.

Pegboard put-aways

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If you’re having trouble keeping track of your seed packets, your answer may lie in clear plastic mini bins. Label them and clip them to some pegboard in your garage or garden shed and voila!

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