What birth looks like when the laboring mother takes the pictures (PHOTOS)

Capturing the baby is essential! But this mother found other wonderful things to remember and cherish about her miracle moment.

Anora's birth, a photograph taken by her mother Lisa Robinson, December 2015. Photo by Lisa Robinson Photographer

Many pregnant mothers have birth plans and expectations for labor—maybe even a labor and delivery playlist or special candles they’re planning on using during the big day. But most expectant moms likely aren’t packing their hospital bags the same way they’d pack their briefcases or work bags. Lisa Robinson—a San Fransisco based photographer—had big plans in mind when she decided she would photograph her second child’s birth herself. She originally suggested the idea to her husband jokingly, but after further consideration, she says she was ready to try it out because it could “capture some amazing memories.”

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“I have never seen that sort of perspective in birth photos before, and I thought it would give me something to focus on to manage the pain and anxiety,” Lisa told us. She says her birth experience was relatively easy and that she would absolutely take her own photos again. And we can see why! The miracle of life is something to be savored and enjoyed from many different angles. These photos are amazing and truly capture her joy from an incredibly unique perspective. While Lisa took the photos during labor, she passed the camera to her husband and her mother before and after the birth.

Lisa says the doctor seemed impressed that she had a camera out for the whole process of labor and delivery, and while his face is covered here, we can be sure that he was indeed as impressed as we are! Using her craft as a pain management technique truly is inspiring. Photo by Lisa Robinson Photographer


We love this photo Lisa was able to capture of her husband, Alec Ward, from her place on the hospital bed. There’s an intimacy and a love between the two that just radiates from Alec’s face into Lisa’s lens. What a beautiful way for the couple to remember such a special time together. Photo by Lisa Robinson Photographer


A tender moment between Alec and Lisa, caught by Lisa with her free hand. Their daughter, Anora, was born in December, 2015. Photo by Lisa Robinson Photographer

A light-hearted glimpse of the hospital staff in the delivery room, showcasing the many emotions of labor. Lisa delivered her daughter in a birth center, and says the experience was calm, relaxed and comfortable. Photo by Lisa Robinson Photographer

She’s here! Anora finally made her arrival, and Lisa and Alec couldn’t be happier. Photo by Lisa Robinson Photographer

You can see more photos from Anora’s birth here on Lisa’s website.

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Ashley Jonkman
Ashley Jonkman
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