Brave kids try global Christmas foods & old-fashioned desserts (VIDEO)

Spoiler: Kids do not like green mayo hidden in a dessert.

Kids Try 100 Years of Christmas Desserts | Bon Appetit

If you’re the parent of a picky eater, you may know the puzzled looks when you serve foods as adventurous as, say, roasted broccoli. Did I say ‘puzzled looks’? I meant screams of revulsion. That’s what makes these two videos both charming and hilarious: American kids trying foods that are unfamiliar to them, and trying their best to be, well, good sports—even with a mouthful of onion-dip icing on a dessert. (Frankly, I might scream at that too.) In the first, kids are given Christmas foods from around the world and asked their opinion. As you might guess, fried chicken in a bucket is a big hit, but other dishes … not so much.

Christmas foods from around the world

In the second, Bon Appetit makes 100 years of Christmas desserts—from mincemeat pie in the 1920s to sweet potato miso pie with chocolate sesame crust in 2016—and kids weigh in. My takeaway? Don’t put beef in a dessert, green mayonnaise is a dirty rotten trick, and evidently no kid likes raisins.

100 years of Christmas desserts

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Leigh Anderson
Leigh Anderson

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