14 breathtaking full moon Instagrams from across the globe (PHOTOS)

Two lunar delights coincided on Friday to bring us all some truly out-of-this-world photography. Scroll through to see what the moon looks like from every corner of the earth.

Argentina, Patagonia, Petrified Wood.  Heeb Christian | Hemis.fr

Every woman enjoys updating her look now and then—and this week, that grande old dame, the moon, was no exception. On Friday night, she graced the world with her fall wardrobe change. Call it her Harvest Moon look: rounder, fuller, and brightly illuminated. But you didn’t need to attend an elite fashion show in New York or London to see her, of course. No matter where in the world you were this week, all you had to do was look up into the clear sky above. (Or, if you happened to be indoors, scroll through your Instagram feed.)

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While most of us over here saw a golden to orange looking orb, some countries, like those in Africa, Asia, and Australia were privy to a lunar eclipse, too. This particular eclipse was a penumbral lunar eclipse, which isn’t quite as dramatic as a total or partial eclipse, but still, certainly, a sight to behold. If you look closely at photos from these regions, you will see a dark shading on the moon during a penumbral eclipse. That’s because in the case of a penumbral eclipse, the sun, Earth, and moon line up but imperfectly, meaning the shadow that the Earth casts on the moon is more subtle than usual.

For the Harvest Moon and the eclipse to coincide is not only special from an astronomical perspective (it won’t happen again until 2024!) but also just plain beautiful. So even if you missed it in person, take a minute or two to bask in the moonlight by scrolling through our favorite Harvest Moon and eclipse photos on all of Instagram:

Bright Brisbane

Kicking off on the other side of the planet: Oh, Brisbane, Australia, you wear the Harvest Moon very well. Low in the sky it seems like a giant replica of the large clock.

New York aligned

We had some alignment happening worked out great with my Nikon 400 mm 80 to 400 it is an antique but it still works good. The Nikon has incredible dynamic range because I don't know how I pull this off D810 . Been hanging out with @chief770 This New York trip we had a great time make sure you check him out. Nikon D810 Tripod Tvc33 really right stuff Ball head Bh 40 Lens 80 to 400 mm Nikon Shutter 1/320 Aperture f5.6 ISO800 White balance auto Shot in raw #earthpix #awesome_earthpix #wonderful_earthpix #wonderful_places #ourplanetdaily #travel #awesomeearth #bestvacations #moon_of_the_day #nakedplanet #fantastic_earth #igworldclub #discoverearth #warrenjc #theglobewanderer #ig_worldclub #earthfocus #travelawesome #nature #landscape_lovers #ig_exquisite #global_hotshotz #earthofficial #wildernessculture #special_shots #jaw_dropping_shots #worldcaptures #neverstopexploring #nasa

A photo posted by Bruce Getty (@gettyphotography) on

New York, New York—there’s no city like it! And with the Harvest Moon as its backdrop, this Manhattan photo is simply perfection. It almost looks like the New Years Eve ball drop!

Lonesome lunar

Over on the prairies of Alberta, Canada, this abandoned farmhouse was sitting by her lonesome until the Harvest Moon decided to keep her company. Proof that even on dark nights, we’re never really alone.

Whistler’s wonder

If these last days of summer have you dreaming of a winter wonderland, you’ll love this shot of Whistler Mountain’s Peak Kristin. Autumn may be upon us, but this spectacular photo has winter on our minds.

Light fantastic

Who doesn’t like a scenic lighthouse? The Scituate Lighthouse in Scituate, Massachusetts is a sight in itself, but hang the Harvest Moon behind it and you have a photo for the ages.

Turkish (de)light

Lake Tuz in Turkey is a surreal salt lake even without the Harvest Moon. Here it looks so surreal you might mistake it for a gorgeous science fiction movie set.

The pilot light

Imagine cruising over the Gulf of Oman near Muskat at 32,000 feet while beholding a lunar marvel like this one. What a view! Unless you’re a pilot, it’s probably one we’d never be able to see without the help of Instagram.

Capture the moon

As you’ve seen from the previous posts, the moon herself was looking rather lovely on Friday, even without breath-taking scenery for context. Here’s a photo of her from Spokane, Washington.

Planet Hollywood

Capital. #harvestmoon

A photo posted by Los Angeles (@cole_younger_) on

Not quite ready for her close up, the Harvest Moon was looking distant but lovely in Los Angeles, hanging out behind the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood.

Star light

Don't forget to step outside and get a view of the #HarvestMoon tonight! #leaveamessagewiththemoon

A photo posted by Roma Downey (@romadowney) on

Actress and producer Roma Downey posted this golden—almost glittering—photo of the Harvest Moon, and encouraged people to leave it a message, much like wishing upon a star.

City dweller

Let’s be honest—when the moon is looking this good, one New York photo isn’t enough; we had to sneak another one in. (Especially because it’s headquarters for the For Her team!) And what’s more iconic than this? The Chrysler Building? Check. New Yorker Building? Check. A harvest moon rising? Check.

The moon landing

Even the wildlife knew something special was going on with the moon. Take these geese in Calgary, Canada. They’re flying high for a closer look.

Eye in the sky

Farther from the horizon, the Harvest Moon was still pretty and glimmering. Here’s a picture of her from Eye Bar in Hong Kong.

As the cow flies

Proof that you didn’t need a completely clear sky to appreciate the Harvest Moon, as this short Instagram video attests. Watch the clouds dance across the moon in this time-lapse lullaby. (All that’s missing is the cow jumping over it!)


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