Busy commuters stop everything to dance with strangers in NYC subway (VIDEO)

But honestly, we don’t need to organize a dance-off to make the effort toward others.

New York City Dance off. Meir Kay | Youtube

This video of an impromptu “dance off” in the New York City subway is full of surprises—and not just because there are some amazing dancers hidden underneath all those business suits and classic white shirts (that guy on the bike’s got the moves!). It’s just stunning how sometimes the simplest things, like just put down the darn phone already, are all we need to solve the problems of the world. Or, at least to help us get a running start. “Living in New York City, I’m surrounded by hundreds of people constantly and yet, everyone is in their own world, not noticing the beauty and people around them,” says videographer, YouTuber, and all-around positivity broker Meir Kay on his Facebook page. The video has already been shared over 1,000 times. “In this video I decided to connect strangers through dance and music; both are international languages which all can connect with. The results were out of this world incredibly awesome!”

They certainly are. Check out the video and dare you not to bust a move from your office chair. And remember, if Meir Kay is able to bring strangers together for a few minutes in the subway, certainly the rest of us can muster the courage for an encounter of our own on a much smaller scale, even if it’s just unplugging for a few minutes and smiling at the person sitting next to you.


Cynthia Dermody
Cynthia Dermody

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