Canadian viral video reminds America how great our country is (VIDEO)

Canada knows we’re going through a tough time. So they put together a video care package to remind us that there is still a lot to love about our great country. Now that’s a good neighbor, eh?

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Yes, the United States is a tense place right now. The election has divided our country and unfortunately—it’s gotten pretty ugly. It feels like every morning we wake up to more social media rants and vitriolic debates. Some people are so confused they’re declaring they won’t vote at all (though, hey, Pope Francis says you really should. We can’t give up on politics completely). But, seeing all this discord, our northern neighbors wanted to remind us not to lose hope. So they sent us a small but powerful message (almost like a get-well-soon e-card) to say that they still have faith in the greatness of America.

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The Tell America It’s Great project is fairly simple: Canadians across the country are invited to record a video about why they think the U.S. is wonderful and then upload it for a chance to be featured on the website. So if you’re feeling disappointed or cranky with the current state of affairs, just watch any of the videos on, and let regular Canadians remind you that America is still a beautiful, inspiring, productive country. The comments range from celebrating our gorgeous national parks to thanking us for championing important global causes and inventing the Internet. We may be going through some growing pains right now, but, as these videos point out, America is still a beacon of hope and ingenuity for the rest of the world.

Don’t have the time to watch the individual videos? Watch just this one: an edit of some of the best snippets submitted thus far of Canadians talking about what makes America so great.

Thanks, Canada. We appreciate having good friends and neighbors to cheer us up when we’re down.

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