Celebrity stylists share their favorite Pinterest wedding hairdos

Big day, big ‘do! Today’s top hair pros share the most beautiful wedding hairstyles they’ve seen on Pinterest, and the type of bride they’ll work for.

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Summer and weddings go hand in hand, like, oh say, champagne and toasts. It starts to seem like every weekend there’s another amazing wedding to go to.

Whether you’re a guest, a bridesmaid, or the magnificent bride herself, the perfect hairdo is crucial to looking your best on the big day. But it’s not easy to pick the perfect hairstyle, especially if you’re the bride. It needs to balance the dress, match the mood of the event, and, of course, your hair type. You want a fairytale hairstyle that feels special, but still highlights the natural beauty of your hair.

That’s why we turned to the experts—top hairstylists who understand the complexity of creating a beautiful, unique wedding hairstyle—and asked them to share their favorite wedding do’s from Pinterest (that vortex of ideas that you can never leave!). Just don’t forget to pin a few of your favorites so you can do them yourself, or save them for your next hair trial!

Melanie Fahey’s favorites

A hairstylist and head of education at Ouidad, a hair product company that works with celebrities like singer Tori Kelly and more, Melanie Fahey always keeps an eye out for wedding ‘dos for curly haired gals because sometimes those are the brides that struggle the most with finding their dream style. She picked these pins because they are, as she says, “Glamourous, classic, and still embrace the natural texture of the hair.”

Half-up for curly girlies

Celebrity stylists share their favorite wedding hairdos

This is a classic, half-up, half-down hairstyle that works easily with veils, headbands and tiaras, says Melanie. Your curly hair is the perfect sturdy vessel for pretty accessories like this bride’s crystal headpiece, plus the style itself create lots of volume at the back, creating fuller looking, curly tresses.

The curly bun

Celebrity stylists share their favorite wedding hairdos

If you want to wear your hair curly, the sock bun isn’t for you. But Melanie says this bun is the one you’ve been waiting for: a beautiful updo that shows off short curly hair (though it needs to be at least shoulder to medium length). This pretty style is controlled, yet touchable and soft looking, she says. And there’s something intentionally chic about how it sweeps hair off the bride’s neck, and gathers it slightly to one side.

For thick, short hair

Celebrity stylists share their favorite wedding hairdos

If you have curly, thick hair that’s very short, it can feel like you don’t have a lot of options besides a headband, hair gel, or nothing. But you’d be wrong! Melanie says a long-ish pixie cut can become elegant in a flash. Just take a look at this stunning full-forward aisle-ready look, complete with a big crystal earring for a feminine, bridal touch.

Glamorous, shiny waves

Celebrity stylists share their favorite wedding hairdos

Medium length waves of hair is the perfect type of hair for retro-Hollywood glam; think Grace Kelly or Rita Hayworth (where bombshell meets elegance). If your dress feels like it’s fit for an old movie star, pin this look for your next wedding hair trial.

Flower child updo

Celebrity stylists share their favorite wedding hairdos

Having an outdoor wedding reception? This hairstyle, great for wavy or curly hair, features a youthful wrap-around braid and flowers woven; it’s perfect for a country or Boho bride who wants to radiate demure beauty.

Lauren and Vanessa’s favorites

This talented duo’s work has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Glamour, InStyle, and Good Housekeeping, on TV in shows like The View, the Tyra Banks Show and more. Vanessa Ungaro and Lauren E. Hack have a sleek salon in downtown New York City, where they create bridal hairstyles, cut, color and more. Here: their all-time favorite wedding pins for you to browse.

French twist

Celebrity stylists share their favorite wedding hairdos

The French twist is best for the bride who has very fine hair. You can create the illusion of texture and volume with this look, which so many brides covet. These days, Lauren and Vanessa think that most women tend to underestimate how incredibly stunning and chic the French twist can be. But this is no librarian look. Pair it with a strapless dress, pull out some flyways to frame the face, and you’ll see the romance they’re talking about.

Deconstructed half up for long hair

Celebrity stylists share their favorite wedding hairdos

A newer version of the half-up/half-down, this hairstyle is simple, elegant and looks effortless (perfect for those amazing candid shots you’ll take on the wedding day). You can work with the natural texture of your hair to let it gather at the nape of the neck. This hairstyle will work for the bride who’s dress is flowing with chiffon and lace, and especially well with a low-back dress; if you have a fully covered back, your hair may frizz too much as it rubs against the fabric of your dress.

Sleek & pretty pony

Celebrity stylists share their favorite wedding hairdos

My absolute favorite hairstyle for a bride! There are so many different ways to wear this hairstyle. In the pin I picked, the hair is pulled back into a sleek pony while the hair in the actual pony is textured with a matte finish. Ponytails are great because it keeps long hair swept away from your face but you still have movement in the back. This creates a nice silhouette so that when you pose for pictures you will feel comfortable and feminine at the same time. This look is best for the girl who always wears her hair down, and likes things simple, but wants something that feels special and different for her wedding.

Embellished side part

Celebrity stylists share their favorite wedding hairdos

A nice alternative, but still within the classic set. You just need to make a deep side part for drama, then sweep the larger side back and secure it with a barrette. This looks so great when the bride is taking pictures. She can turn one way and have hair framing her face and when she turns the other way she shows off her neckline. You won’t have a “good side” because they’ll both be amazing!

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