Christian Louboutin’s all-inclusive line redefines nude

A positive fashion statement: Louboutin stepped up its shoe offering recently by designing a range of seven skin-tone colored heels and flats.

The Nudes Collection by Christian Louboutin. @Louboutinworld | Instagram

Nude colored shoes are a wardrobe staple for every woman. They have a chameleon like power to lengthen legs and and are neutral enough to be worn with almost any outfit, from a work ensemble to a weekend sundress. The skin-tone shoe is even becoming a popular choice for brides on the big day. Unfortunately, the concept of “nude” has been lost on a large chunk of the population for years, because shoes simply weren’t offered outside of a small pale pink to beige range. The situation feels similar to the old-school dilemma of “flesh” crayons, which frustrated kids whose skin tones weren’t a muted band-aid color. (Though today, Crayola offers a much broader range.) In the same way, so-called “nude” shoes left women whose feet and legs boast darker, tanner or lighter hues out of the equation entirely, unable to benefit properly from the elongating magic of a skin colored pumps.

Finally, the fashion world has caught up to Crayola. And it’s about time. Christian Louboutin’s new The Nudes Collection, including the popular Solasofia bowed ballerina flat, the strappy peep-toe Senora, and the classically elegant Pigalle Follies and Iriza designs, now comes in seven shades of nude. Stretching from light to dark, the collection has a wide array of names to match each new tone: Lea Nue No. 1, Matilda No. 2, Nats No. 3, Maya No. 4, Safki No. 5, Ada No. 6, and Toudou No. 7. The new range of possibilities makes shopping a breeze, whatever your need—and still includes the elegant flash of those signature red soles we all know and love Louboutin for.

Louboutin’s new line is more than just a practical closet staple, it’s an inclusive message that should be applauded: all legs, all shades, all nudes matter.

The Nudes Collections by Christian Louboutin
Solasofia Flat, Matilda N°2
Senora, Nats N°3
Iriza, Maya N°4
Solasofia Flat, Safki N°5
Iriza, Ada N°5
Senora, Toudou N°7

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Caryn Rivadeneira
Caryn Rivadeneira

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