How to create romantic curls for NYE (VIDEO)

Ring in the new year with soft, natural ringlets—even if you have very straight hair and only a few minutes to spare.

Allana Davison |

Even if you have thin, straight hair, the trick for full, feminine twirls is simpler than you think: all you need is a large curling iron, some hair clips, a volumizing hairspray, and a thickening or texturizing product.

Don’t believe us? Just watch beauty vlogger Allana Davison, whose straight blonde hair is transformed into beautiful, bouncing tresses within minutes. She’ll show you how to section your hair, which way to curl it, how to pull apart the curls with your fingers, and when to spray your hair with product. (If your scalp tends to be oily a dry shampoo is also helpful.) By the end, you’ll have tresses worthy of New Year’s Eve in just 20 minutes.

If you have similar products at home, they’ll probably work just fine regardless of brand, but if you’d like to buy the specific items in Allana’s bathroom, you can shop the links below:

Nume Titan 3 curling iron (32mm), $60, Overstock
Bumble & Bumble thickening hair spray, $10, Sephora
Batiste dry shampoo (original), $6, Target
Ouai texturizing spray, $26, Nordstrom
Herbal Essences volume hairspray (2-pack), $13, Walmart

Natalie van der Meer
Natalie van der Meer
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