David Bowie’s wife shares ‘sign from the sky’ on anniversary of her husband’s death (PHOTO)

Iman’s viral Instagram photo captured the attention of others who have lost loved ones and believe they are still “here” with us.

Impromptu shrine at a public mural of David Bowie in Brixton High street, the district of London where he was born, January 2016. Frankieleon | Flickr

David Bowie’s widow, the supermodel Iman, paid her late husband tribute on the one-year anniversary of his death with a sweet Instagram post. The iconic rock star died last January after an 18-month battle with cancer, leaving his wife of 24 years and their 16-year-old daughter, Alexandra, behind. Alongside a caption that read, “Jan 10th, 2016 NYC Skyline #ForeverAndEver #ForeverLove #BowieForever,” Iman shared this photo of a gorgeous double rainbow that appeared over the New York City skyline that very day:

Jan 10th, 2016 NYC Skyline #ForeverAndEver #ForeverLove #BowieForever

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The significance of a rainbow appearing on the anniversary of her husband’s death was not lost on commentators who wrote things such as: “Definitely a sign on the 10th!” “He was definitely checking in and sending love,” “Love the rainbow! I remember my father with every rainbow!” and “Double rainbows are a sign for my nephew who passed away two summers ago. Love this.”

We all get it: that universal desire for signs. We want to have faith that our loved ones are in a better place. We want to believe in heaven. But a little proof of the hereafter sure would be nice. We yearn to know that even though they aren’t physically with us on this Earth, they are still “here.” So we look for signs that those we’ve loved and lost are doing all right.

If there is any substitute for love, it is memory.”

Sometimes we get these “signs” in the form of a favorite lost photo, found; or a special song on the radio on a birthday or anniversary. More often, we see and feel our loved ones in nature—a shooting star, the first snowfall, the afternoon light streaming through the woods, or a butterfly that just doesn’t seem to want to let us alone. In these beautiful, divine moments, our loved ones are with us again, however fleetingly.

We can’t be sure if these signs are true indications of a deceased’s presence, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that they are of great comfort—reminders of the grace and power of nature, and the knowledge that as dark as it can get when a loved one dies, we will still experience moments of beauty.

The day before she posted the tribute photo, Iman wrote on Instagram: “If there is any substitute for love, it is memory.” So, even though it’s nice to see them, maybe we don’t need signs after all. We are the vessels of our loved one’s memory. We don’t need a sign to feel their presence. They are with us always. Still, these magical moments take us by surprise and flood us with hope, love, and faith. They make us stop and smile in the middle of what can be an otherwise hectic day. For a brief moment, we remain still in the calm, enjoying the beauty of a rainbow.


A photo posted by IMAN (@the_real_iman) on


Suzanne Murray
Suzanne Murray

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