Duchess Kate revives the hairnet trend in a chic updo

Spotted wearing an elegant hairnet while in France, Duchess Kate is causing an international stir: has hair netting, long deemed lunch lady attire, been upgraded to royal chignon accessory?

The Duchess of Cambridge attends the Somme Centenary commemorations at the Thiepval Memorial on June 30, 2016 in France. Tim Rooke | Pool | Getty Images

Last week the Duchess of Cambridge made a public appearance in France with her husband Prince William, and brother-in-law Prince Harry, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

The Duchess, as ever, was perfectly dressed for the moving event with an understated Missoni coat, a black dress and a simple black pillbox hat. But adding that extra touch of refinement was her braided chignon that stayed immaculately in place with the help of a (very) old favorite … the hairnet!

The fine silk net, which matched her brunette coiffure exactly, could only be seen from very close up. Attached underneath the brim of her hat the hairpiece did its job well keeping any stray hairs in place, and creating the ultimate manicured look. With Kate’s ability to set trends—just think how popular she made the nude pump, spotted on elegant feet from housewives to celebrities all over the world—could this rather kitsch accessory be about to make a comeback? (It’s not completely impossible when you consider how Chanel revived the fanny pack earlier this year.)

Normally reserved for dance classes or keeping great aunt Hilda’s curlers in place, the lowly hairnet could be the newly fashionable answer to those flyaway strands that leave us looking more windswept than well-groomed. (Imagine all the money you’ll save on hairspray!) With wedding season in full throttle could this old-fashioned tamer-of-tresses be the answer to your hairstyle hangups?

Kate Middleton hairstyle

The Duchess of Cambridge attends the Somme Centenary commemorations on June 30, 2016 in France. Tim Rooke | Pool | Getty Images

Celebrity stylist Jason Collier explains in the Daily Mail, “With fashion trends at the moment “kitsch”, is making a comeback so it is no surprise that the hairnet has made an appearance. I can see the hairnet taking the reigns for some quirky fashion looks this season.” Already Gucci models were donning more prominent hairnets on the catwalks during the Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Week.

Although Kate opted for a more subtle look, Collier suggests she could go one step further “by teaming brighter colors like electric blues and greens with her hats,” as seen on the catwalks recently. To bring the style home, though, you don’t need to take it that far just yet: you could keep it barely noticeable, like Kate, or go slightly more daring (but still classic) with a black net.

Whatever style you choose to try, you’ll be happy to know that the hairnet is simple to use, highly cost effective (you can get a Goody hairnet six-pack for just $7 on Amazon) and can add a real touch of drama to that special outfit.

Winona Ryder added a subtle black net at The Manchurian Candidate Premiere in Los Angeles. Steve Granitz | WireImage
Christina Aguilera went a little bolder with black netting on blonde hair in London. Gareth Davies | Getty Images
Christina Applegate wore a natural colored hairnet to the Emmy Creative Arts Awards in Los Angeles. SGranitz | WireImage
Noomi Rapace attends the Chanel: The Little Black Jacket private view in London wearing a hairnet like a beret. Mike Marsland | WireImage
Milla Jovovich wears an elaborate hairnet style during L’Oreal Paris Presents ‘As Seen in … Harper’s Bazaar.’ L. Cohen | WireImage

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Cerith Gardiner

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