Easy New Year’s Eve makeup trick: the nude smoky eye

Need to dress up, but still want to look fairly natural? Learn how to create the nude smoky eye in 5 minutes or less.

Tina Yong | YouTube.com

For years “going-out” makeup has been all about the smoky eye. Using those pretty, deep charcoal colors to create feminine drama and accentuate your eye shape. There’s no denying its appeal.

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But, alas, the smoky eye isn’t for everyone. Firstly, because it’s just not all that easy to apply if you’re not a makeup-master. (I’ve made plenty of dark smudgy mistakes trying to replicate Adele’s expertly done smoky cat eye!) And even if you are a whiz with your eye shadow brushes, sometimes all those dark grays and blacks can make you look a little overdone.

Enter: the nude smoky eye. A lighter, softer, more natural version of the smoky eye, that’s easier to create, but still boosts the beauty of your gaze, and feels special enough for an evening out on the town. All you need is three slightly different neutral brown and gold shades (depending on your coloring). This easy to follow tutorial by YouTube makeup vlogger Tina Yong shows you a step by step of how it’s done. To keep it even more natural and quick, just fast-forward through her false lash application and instead use a regular, dark mascara on your lashes.

In this video, Tina says that she used mostly MAC products. If you have browns and neutral shades at home, you can absolutely use those, but if you’re in need of product, you can also shop the look below:

MAC Soft Ocre, $22, Nordstrom
MAC Quite Natural, $22, Nordstrom
MAC Saddle, $6, MAC Cosmetics
Anastasia Beverly Hills powder in Rich Brown, $12, Sephora
Naked 2 Palette (use the Half Baked shade inside) $72, Amazon
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner, $17, Macy’s
Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara, $32, Giorgio Armani


Natalie van der Meer
Natalie van der Meer

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