15 family recipes and DIYs to use up your apple-picking bounty

Stumped about what to do with all those bags and bushels of apples you have from apple-picking? Try one of these easy apple recipes or pretty DIY projects to use up the last of those fruits.

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Fall is full of so many beautiful blessings, delicious comforts, and good old fashioned fun. And one of the season’s most treasured traditions for many families is apple-picking (with a side of pumpkin patch, of course). Visiting an orchard with the whole family—gathering the fruits of the season and taking plenty of pictures—is the perfect way to enjoy a fall day … and it’s so fun, in fact, that it’s pretty common to go overboard on how many apples you bring home.

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If you’ve gone through the list of all the usual apple-y suspects (like putting them in lunch boxes and baking pies), but still have a bushel or two to get through, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 15 Pinterest-approved ideas for how your family can use up the rest of your apples.

Yummy beverages (bottoms up!)

Kick back and relax with an apple drink in hand. These tasty concoctions are crisp and perfect for serving a crowd.

1. Apple sangria

The festive colors alone make this a perfect mix for entertaining grown-ups on a brisk fall evening. Get ready for your guests to want seconds.

2. Cranberry apple cider

But here’s a drink the kiddos can enjoy, too—good ol’ apple cider with a twist! What a treat for your family’s fireside chats.

Culinary delights & fun snacks

Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, apples can do so much more than just pie. Get inspired by these mouth-watering recipes.

3. Apple cupcakes with caramel frosting

What’s more perfect than a cupcake on a fall day? An apple cupcake with a dollop of caramel. Trust us—you need to try this one. And then make a batch for your kids’ next school bakesale.

4. Apple detox salad

To counter that cupcake, here’s a delightful vegan salad that will remind you why eating your fruits and veggies doesn’t have to be a hassle.

5. Apple peanut butter cookies

Ditch those chocolate chips for a more fall tasting batch. These apple peanut butter cookies are great for Halloween parties, or to bring to any “Friendsgiving” parties in November.

6. Eve’s Pudding

This British apple dish is divine, and so simple to make. (And it will make you forget all about the stereotype that British food is bad.) Dig in!

7. Candy apples

There’s a reason these sugary guys are a hit on Pinterest. They’re a seasonal classic and a food activity for the whole family to enjoy. Kids love to dip their own; just make sure they know the red goo is hot!

8. Apple doughnuts

What’s better than an apple doughnut? Enough apple doughnuts to share with your loved ones. Roll up those sleeves on a fall afternoon and break out the flour! Bonus: your house will smell like apple heaven.

9. Apple pie overnight oats

Nutritious food that’s warm, ready and waiting for you in the morning … need we say more?

For sprucing up your home

Don’t believe apples can be used for decor? Think again! These autumnal ideas are a festive, natural and inexpensive way to dress up your home.

10. Apple & hydrangea vases

This conceptual vase design looks like it’s straight from New York—without the price tag!

11. Apple & candle table runner

Chances are you’re going to do a lot of entertaining over the next couple of months between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Let this easy, gorgeous look inspire the tablescape at your next soirée.

12. Apple place card

These apple place cards are so simple they’re genius. Use them for your Thanksgiving table, or even for a fall wedding!

13. Apple & bark centerpiece

These centerpieces, made from carved apples and tie lights, will give your dinner table some apple-ambiance. And they only take minutes to make.

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Crafts with the kiddos

Apples can have a place in the playroom, too. Try out these activities with your little ones.

14. Apple stamping tree craft

Have a kid who loves arts and crafts? Get hands on with your children and remind them that apples don’t come from supermarkets—they come from trees! Our suggestion: turn this artwork into a “giving tree” by writing something your child is thankful for on each painted apple. The thoughtful activity will lead to a cute Thanksgiving display.

15. Pumpkin apple stamps

It might sound impossible to conjure pumpkins from apples, but with this craft, you can do exactly that. Use them to help your little ones create Happy Halloween cards for friends, or posters for the fridge.

Have any other brilliant ideas on how to use up those apples? Share your favorite recipes or crafts in the comments!

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