Father & newborn son ‘sing’ ‘O, Holy Night’ like you’ve never heard it before (VIDEO)

After all, who better to sing about the birth of Jesus than a baby?

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Every parent knows that newborn babies are precious, and with their arrival comes a lot of work for mom and dad. But the father of this adorable baby is taking some time out of the chaos to have a little fun and spread some Christmas cheer with his new little boy. And it seems that the little one is actually enjoying the joint performance!

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Ashley Killingsworth posted the video of her husband Andrew and newborn son Archer performing the well-known Christmas song with the caption “He’s already such a good singer.” The priceless video has amassed over 30 million views already—and we can see why! Not only is dad’s singing and voice hilarious, but baby Archer at first seems quite confused and skeptical of the whole thing. But, as the song continues he too gets into the holiday spirit and almost seems to ham it up, treating viewers to a toothless grin and even more adorable facial expressions. Dad provides the lip-syncing, complete with faux vibrato, making this rendition of ‘O, Holy Night’ an instant classic. Watch the video for yourself, to see some father-son hilarity, just in time for Christmas.


Ashley Jonkman
Ashley Jonkman

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