Man’s kind gesture to elderly woman in store sets hearts aflutter on Internet (PHOTO)

Kindness is the new sexy!

When Aarron Nichols, an electrician in Auckland, noticed that the elderly woman in front of him had sadly had her card declined, he took it upon himself to pay for her groceries, according to Newshub. When she offered to reimburse him, he generously insisted she keep her money and let him cover the cost.

Another customer, Rose Olliver, witnessed the exchange, and was touched. Well, who wouldn’t be? As a result, she snapped a photo and posted it to a local group Facebook page. The caption, relayed by The Telegraph, read, “If anyone knows Mr #10 in the Abercrombie NZ Breakers shirt who just paid for the little old lady’s groceries … you made her day!” She added, “And if you are single, I’d like to buy you a beer.”

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What followed in reaction to Olliver’s post is no surprise, since every woman wants a man who can spontaneously become someone’s superhero and perform a random act of kindness. Ladies quickly began replying with admiring comments such as, “What a beautiful thing to do,” and “I’ll have him if he’s single.”

Aarron Nichols and his wife. Aarron Nichols | Facebook

In response to the attention, Nichols expressed to the The New Zealand Herald that he was “overwhelmed by it all.” Humbly, he revealed that he didn’t realize anyone had noticed the good deed and that he “didn’t really think of it as a big deal.” In his ultimate admirable assessment of the situation, he said, “Hopefully it just sends a message to others to pay it forward and a small gesture can go a long way.” Evidently, his heartfelt motive was neither attention nor admiration, but simply a desire to do good and spread kindness in the world.

That’s not the end of Nichols’ aww-worthy story, though. Being a married man, one might expect his wife to react jealously to the swooning Facebook commenters and feel the need to possessively lay claim to her spouse. Stacey Nichols, however, proved to be classier than that.

In a sweet reply, she apologized to the admirers for the disappointment that her husband is off the market. “Sorry ladies he’s taken. This man is my wonderful husband!” Adorably, she acknowledge her appreciation that such a kindhearted gentleman is her own, adding, “Don’t worry I know how lucky I am.” Clearly, he’s lucky, too.

Similarly, I’d likely respond jealously if other women publicly expressed interest in my spouse. What’s beautiful about Aarron and Stacey Nichols is that they chose to respond to these situations out of love, not instinct. That’s the type of kindness we could all manage to pay forward.

Elizabeth Pardi
Elizabeth Pardi

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