Get organized for 2017: Marie Kondo’s 3 most fundamental tips (VIDEO)

Has Christmas left your home a mess of crumpled wrapping paper and a closet full of new clothes and gifts? Use these easy starter tips to tame the chaos.

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All this week we’ll be featuring an organization tip or topic a day so you can start 2017 with a cleaner home that frees up space for the more important things in life.

Many of us have heard of Marie Kondo’s inspiring take on getting organized, loving (and respecting!) our possessions, and learning to be happy and content with decidedly less stuff. While her philosophy is inspiring and interesting, it can be hard to know where to start to implement it—I, for one, do not ‘love’ my microwave, but on the counter it still sits, a necessity in a home full of toddlers. And now that Christmas Day has come and gone, I’m left with many more things to sort, love, or toss.

In this video fromToday, Kondo paid a visit to Sheinelle Jones’ home to help her practically begin the art of decluttering, starting with her purse.

Start small

But just because we perhaps haven’t decluttered our entire home (yet!), or whittled our possessions down to a precious few, doesn’t mean we can’t begin the journey towards organization and tidiness. Start small, like with your purse, or one drawer. Kondo’s first tip to getting organized: remove everything and analyze it. So, dump that purse or diaper bag out, and find out what’s really hiding at the bottom and in each pocket. Decide whether or not you need each item, and if not, let it go!

Spark joy

Kondo, who says that your items should “spark joy,” says that you can determine whether or not your things are bringing happiness when you handle them. So, you’ve dumped out your dresser drawers and you’re going through all your old t-shirts. That worn, oversized shirt from your alma mater? Maybe you pick that up and are reminded of a happy time—that would spark joy. Those old yoga pants you wore the entire first three months of your first baby’s life? Perhaps the spit-up stains and threadbare knees of that pair don’t spark as much joy—get rid of nostalgia and throw them OUT!

Store upright

When it comes to decluttering closets and drawers, the purging technique is the same, but the organization piece is a little different. Kondo recommends standing each item upright, and storing things in rectangular boxes, so you can accurately see what you own, allowing you to use and access your things easier.


Ashley Jonkman
Ashley Jonkman

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