Mark Wahlberg missed his team’s Super Bowl win to care for sick son (PHOTO)

We’d probably all do the same thing … but still. What a great dad!

Mark Wahlberg and his family during the Super Bowl, February 5, 2017. markwahlberg | Instagram

As if we really need more reasons to love Mark Wahlberg, since we already know he’s firm in his faith and is one of Hollywood’s good (reformed) guys, now he’s gone and shown us his priorities remain remarkably straight, even on Super Bowl Sunday. The father of four, who happens to be an avid New England Patriots fan, missed out on the team’s fifth Super Bowl win last night so he could be with his son.

Although Wahlberg, his wife, Rhea, and their two sons, 10-year-old Michael and 8-year-old Brendan, were at the Houston stadium for the start of the game, Brendan soon started feeling sick. In an admirable dad move, Wahlberg chose to leave with Rhea and the boys as opposed to sticking around to cheer his team on in person. He later posted an explanation of their early departure on Instagram, adding, “Trust me, I would have loved to be at the stadium—but family first.”

Although most dads undoubtedly love their kids more than football, not many would be likely to walk away from their team’s Super Bowl performance for the sake of being with their sick little one. Thanks for setting such a sweet example, Wahlberg.

What a game! 🏆 #Patriots

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