Matthew McConaughey has a secret YouTube channel—but not for long (VIDEOS)

The superstar actor’s astonishingly quiet home videos are spreading, and hopefully inspiring people to think about others and just keep livin’.

Matthew McConaughey during the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, France. 

Not that many days ago, Matthew McConaughey’s YouTube channel was a lonely place. It was a quiet stream of home videos with a top-tier, the heartthrob casually talking about his favorite causes and the needs of others (along with an animated movie trailer or two) and only a few hundred faithful followers would notice.

That’s all changed, thanks to Reddit, which alerted the world to McConaughey’s channel this week, bumping up his regular following to millions of views.

Far from the flash and polish, perfect angles and lighting that we’ve come to expect from movie star posts, McConaughey’s videos are passionate but also folksy, and down-home (in truth: what else would we expect from him?). These snippets, hanging out in his Austin living room, genuinely feel like the “Real McConaughey.” The one who just wants to tell us about what matters to him: his charity, the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation. It’s the McConaughey who apparently isn’t as interested in self-promotion as we might have thought. Because, surely, if he had wanted to make a fuss, he could’ve mentioned it to People, brought it up on the Late Show.

Instead, McConaughey simply appears on-camera in a t-shirt (or white tank), a bit disheveled, unrehearsed, and opens with a simple line (“McConaughey here.”) before telling us about the 2 million homeless kids in public schools today, the need for the homeless to access clean drinking water, and incentives for helping the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation. Sure, there’s a charitable “product,” but it’s presented plainly for what it is, without guilt-tripping us or without huge fanfare. The videos, which started back in the November of 2015, are brief and to the point. Take a look at this Thanksgiving post:

Many online comments are questioning why he didn’t do more to promote these videos and the causes behind them, but there’s something nice about the fact that his low-key videos flew under the radar for a while. In a world that’s all too eager to shout and push what we “should” be doing, that McConaughey offers these refreshing videos as FYIs and soft-sells (asking for $5, $1, ending with a wink and a “Just keep livin’…”).

His advice to give and help is worth listening to, and of course take action on, but we have to admit that getting such a rare and personal glimpse of the 46-year-old actor in such a real and intimate way feels pretty cool. Consider us subscribed. Take a look:


Caryn Rivadeneira
Caryn Rivadeneira
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