Friars’ flashmob shows faith, joy, and unity (VIDEOS)

Not to mention some pretty impressive dance moves from the clergy.

Have you ever been strolling peacefully through a crowded mall or quaint town square when suddenly … a beat drops, and the place you’re in is descended upon upon by hoards of energetic, perfectly choreographed people … of the cloth? Probably not. But today you can see it happen in your own living room: nuns and monks participating in a choreographed flash dance.

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And the friars and nuns above aren’t the only faithful people taking on the trend (which has kept its steam for years now). Just check out this Italian flashmob of friars, which is currently going viral on Facebook this morning. These viral videos are proof that even the most devout among us can embrace the lighter side of life, and connect with others through a pure and simple thing: shared joy. While watching these videos today, it was a nice reminder for me that you don’t need to be anything specific to join in this kind of movement: you don’t have to be a hip 20-something, a nun or even a good dancer to participate in flash mobs, mannequin challenges, carpool karaoke sessions, or any other viral Internet sensations … all you need is a sense of humor and a love of life.

Though, let’s be real, these friars, nuns and priests are no amateurs when it comes to their moves. They have clearly been practicing their fancy footwork … and the result is definitely worthy of the millions of views their videos are acquiring. Not only is the choreography modern, slick, and executed with the perfect mix of moxie and rhythm, it’s evident just how much fun these fervent and faithful individuals are having.

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There’s something strangely refreshing about watching a group of strangers dancing in sync, especially when political divides and discord may get us down. It celebrates a moment when people from all walks of life join in, together just to dance, let loose, and smile. Both of these videos showcase how our spiritual mentors and leaders may not be all that different from the rest of us. Sure, their daily lives may be a far cry from many of ours, but they can still enjoy a good beat, get their bodies moving, and have a great time doing it.

So next time you’re at mass, a special church event, or just out and about and see a somber-looking priest or friar, be on the lookout for that tell-tale twinkle in their eye, and keep your eyes and ears open for a local flash mob—you never know where they next throng of synchronized dancers, dressed in black is going to pop up. Oh, and make sure you have your cell phone ready to record and share it with us!

Ashley Jonkman
Ashley Jonkman
Ashley is a freelance writer and editor. She lives with her husband, two sons and two rambunctious dogs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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