Our 5 most popular pins for prayer & peace of mind

Our most popular prayers and mindfulness practices that are helping women find peace and reflection.

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There are so many prayers and mindfulness practices out there, it’s hard to know what will work for you. A meditative app, perhaps? A favorite childhood prayer? If you haven’t found your go-to stress-reliever yet, let these popular prayers, advice, and inspiring quotes inspire you. The perfect prayer or little gem of wisdom to bring you a quiet mind and a clear heart might be below. All you need to do is pin them for later!

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1. A daily prayer

How do you normally pray to God? Do you say set prayers or do you freestyle? No matter what you do normally, consider upending your routine with this specific daily prayer. It could change your life.

2. Mindfulness

It can be so hard to sit still. Our digital world has made us move faster than ever. Certainly, technology has its conveniences, but it’s not always great for putting our minds at ease. Try this meditative practice for when you can’t stop wiggling.

3. Mary quotes

These aren’t prayers exactly but rather beautiful words about the Virgin Mary and her courage as a mother. Remind yourself of why so many authors, priests, and other thinkers hold the Blessed Mother in such high esteem.

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4. Several short prayers

It seems like there’s always something to worry about, but this post-election season is especially stressful and divisive. These prayers may help subside some of the anxiety you’re experiencing.

5. A nightly examen

Ever wonder about prayers to strengthen your marriage? This one could do just that. And it’s not only for wives. Make sure your husband gets the memo, too.

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