NYFW: stunning natural makeup looks are ruling the runway (PHOTOS)

We are in love with the natural, feminine makeup looks that we spotted at seven New York Fashion Week shows. Let these photos inspire you to embrace a more natural, beautiful you.

Brock Collection for New York Fashion Week Fall 2016. Imaxtree

Are we the only ones letting out a sigh of relief after glimpsing the more natural looks at New York Fashion Week? After witnessing so many extreme fashion trends as of late, we’re comforted by the tamer faces on the catwalk. Multiple layers of contouring à la the Kardashians demand nearly an hour’s worth of mirror time, while applying 100 layers of nail polish is, frankly, absurd. Let’s celebrate our natural beauty by highlighting our favorite facial features with simple, realistic routines. Dab-and-go is an approach we can commit to on a day-to-day basis. After seasons of extremes, a nearly bare face may seem radical, but it’s actually quite timeless (and a perfect pairing for our recommended ‘retro chic in the city’ go-to outfits.)

Here are seven designers whose natural looks made their NYFW models stand out:

Dewey, blushing, and angelic—that’s the vibe Tibi models had, and it was all achieved by a sweep of Bobbi Brown bronzer. Notice how the bronzer is applied with a light hand, though; it’s not dark and dramatic. Think quick beach holiday rather than two-week tanning sojourn. Imaxtree
When we’re inundated with images of full faces of make-up, a totally bare face seems bold. Something so simple suddenly seems shocking. Lacoste models didn’t have an ounce of color on their faces, with only body lotion, light concealer, and primer in their arsenal. Imaxtree
The Alexander Wang show featured models with a simple sun-kissed makeup look to illuminate their natural beauty. A little bronzer adds a healthy glow and emphasizes feminine features and bone structure. No eye, cheek, or lip colors compete with the bronzer, making the overall effect fresh, clean and modest. Imaxtree
The models in the Brock Collection show possessed a romantic air, heightened by their flushed cheeks and dusty rose lips. Note the use of lip stain rather than gloss or lipstick for a subtler touch. For a sense of whimsy, their eyebrows were brushed up but not filled in. Imaxtree
Nineties minimalism was the vibe Creatures of the Wind models brandished on the catwalk. While several models wowed with a ruby red lip, others wore a more subdued pout. Regardless of lip color, all of the models had bare skin with brow gel for polish. Imaxtree
For the Tommy Hilfiger models’ athletic simplicity, you’ll need no more than bronzer, eyeliner to match your lash line, and a discreet tinted lip balm. Highlight your cheeks, line the bottom lash ever so lightly, and brush your eyebrows slightly upwards. Then complete the look with a swipe of lip balm. Voilà! Imaxtree
While some Nicholas K models strutted down the catwalk with metallic liner, we prefer this natural look for everyday. All you need is foundation and a dusting of eyeshadow barely a shade darker than your skin. A dotting of eyeliner to match your lash line and a lick of mascara complete the look. Imaxtree

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