Newborn getting hair shampooed gets 33 million views: watch and you’ll know why! (VIDEO)

Baby Amira really, really loved her shampoo, and the world really, really loved watching her reaction

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Cute cat videos, step aside—there’s a new baby video in town. Are you stressed out? If you’re having trouble at work, or had an argument with your spouse, or have an overwhelming holiday to-do list, this short recording of a newborn having her first bath is exactly what you need. Is it exciting? No. Is it hilarious? No, not at all. What it is, is soothing—so soothing, in fact, that it’s almost mesmerizing.

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Don’t just take my word for it—since the proud Dayton, Ohio, dad posted his recording on Facebook a week ago, the video has been viewed millions of times. It could be because the days-old baby is really cute, sure, and when she smiles at having her hair soaped up and combed, well, you’d have to be a really committed Grinch to not smile along with her. But I think there’s something else, too: this video, which shows a skillful, loving nurse tenderly caring for the most vulnerable of creatures, taps into the primal caregiving instinct that we all have. To love and care for a baby is such a profound spiritual duty that even just watching someone gently comb a baby’s hair unleashes a flood of “oh-what-a-cute-little-schnookums” feelings that just can’t be denied.

So if you need two minutes of pure joy, and love, well, hit play and enjoy bathtime with baby Amira.


Leigh Anderson
Leigh Anderson

Leigh Anderson is the author of “The Games Bible: The Rules, The Gear, The Strategies” (Workman, 2010) and has written for Vox,, and Popular Science, among others.

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