Nicole Kidman loves children & wishes she had more

The actress doesn’t like the word ‘regrets’ and she has none, but does wish she had ‘two or three’ more children.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and daughters Sunday Rose Kidman Urban and Faith Kidman Urban, Sydney, 2014. Attila Szilvasi | Newspix | REX | Shutterstock

While mainstream media are highlighting a comment Nicole Kidman made about Americans needing to support president-elect Donald Trump now that he’s been elected, there was perhaps a more noteworthy part to her recent comments.

Kidman was being interviewed about her new movie, Lion, a true story of a young Indian boy who becomes separated and lost from his family and ends up adopted and raised by an Australian couple. As a young adult, he then goes in search of his birth family in India. Kidman said she met the adoptive mother, Sue Brierley—who Kidman plays in the movie—and the two made such a deep connection that Kidman expects to continue the friendship. “We sat in my apartment and just [clicked] … She’s deeply maternal and I’m deeply maternal, too …”

The movie is a love letter to her children, said Kidman, as well as to all mothers and children because in it we see the powerful and unconditional love of a mother. “The loveliest thing you can say to a child is, ‘I’m just happy that you’re in the world, and because you’re in the world, I’m happy,'” she said.

Nicole Kidman and Sunny Pawar in Lion, 2016. The Weinstein Company |
David Wenham, Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman in Lion, 2016. The Weinstein Company |
Nicole Kidman and Sunny Pawar in Lion, 2016. The Weinstein Company |

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When asked about a comment she made in another interview about wanting more children, Kidman—whose grandmother had her last baby at 49—said that while she doesn’t like the word “regrets” and she has none, she does wish she had “two or three” more children.

“I love, love children,” she said. “I love raising children. My sister has six children. I love them. They make me feel good and I love being around them, the ups and downs, watching them grow and what they teach (…) I love children, I’ve always said that.”

As to whether her husband, Keith Urban is on the same page, she said, “He’s kind of of maxed out. But that’s the balance of a relationship and I would never go against what he wanted in terms of our family…” Asked what she believes the key to a successful marriage, Kidman—who’s been married to Urban for over 10 years now—said,”I think humility is the biggest thing you can have. Being grateful for it, prioritizing it, never preaching about how it’s done because I think everyone’s relationship is their own. What works for us doesn’t work for other people. I’m lucky that I met someone who I love and I like.”

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