Parents share loving images of 1-pound preemies (PHOTOS)

These babies barely fit in the palm of their father’s hand, and now look at them!

Cadence and Jaxson Moore, preemies twins. journeytominimoore | Instagram

Last fall, a mother of preemie twins, Jourdan Moore, posted a photo to Instagram of her husband holding one of their extraordinarily tiny babies on his chest kangaroo-care style. The baby’s small, pink little body blends into his father’s but for the tubes attached to his face and dangling from his feet. He is so impossibly small, he could easily fit in the palm of his father’s hand. The photo is taken from above, closely cropping the head of the father as he tucks his chin tight to his chest to look lovingly on the child resting there. There is a gentle smile on the father’s face, one that encapsulates joy, relief, and gratitude.

On this day... One year ago October 16th Jaxson fit inside his daddy's hand. He was 23 days old and weighed 1lb 8oz. Exactly one week prior he had a breathing spell unlike any others. I was there with him when he stopped breathing and his heart dropped so low it almost stopped. I watched an amazing team of NICU staff jump into action. His tiny body was still and gray as one nurse gave chest compressions with her thumbs, another breathed for him with a bag, and a doctor re-intubated him placing the tube down his throat. In that moment I thought I might never see this beautiful scene again... Father holding his son. A week later here we were, enjoying the preciousness of life. And now this father wrestles with and works to keep up with the same little boy who is a non-stop ball of energy and a constant source of joy in our lives. God is good. #touchesoflove

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Jourdan and Matt’s two children were born four months early. The baby at the center of the photo is no more than 1lb., 8oz. Jourdan captioned the photo with exuberant thanks to the NICU staff and the joyful revelation that the photo was taken one year earlier and that their two preemie twins are now thriving.

Because of miraculous, astonishing nature of this photo, the Moore’s Instagram account, journeytominimoore, went viral as people shared it among friends and online communities. With the aim of offering hope for other parents of preemies, the account continues to document the family a year later, as they move forward and away from the difficulties of that first heartbreakingly stressful and uncertain year in the NICU. Just as it did with that first viral photo, @journeytominimoore serves as a reminder of the miracle of life—with all of its heartache and joy—that the Moore family has experienced. Through their photos, the rest of us can share in that first-hand account, whether to learn from the Moore family, or support them on their parenting journey … or maybe just to witness the receipt of abundant grace.

11 months ago, when micro aspiration began causing dangerously high CO2 retention, Cadence had a NJ feeding tube placed. For 11 months I've not been able to allow these sweet siblings to lay together or play together without my close supervision, because (as you can see) Jaxson really likes cords and he became skillfully speedy at yanking her tube out of her nose or tearing tape off her face. As Cadence's motor skills developed (months behind Jax) I couldn't leave her alone for even 1 minute because she too became crafty at the tube removal trick. She literally still sleeps in a bassinet beside me, is carried into every room as I do my chores and has accompanied me to every single trip to the bathroom. Exhausting is an understatement. The transition to Gtube has been a process, she's still in pain at times as the site is healing. However, I must say that it is SO WONDERFUL to pee in peace and allow these buddies to freely play together. It's precious to observe their interactions and freeing to be able to do so with a little more distance when needed. #embracingchange #newseason #gtube #tubie

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