Peta Murgatroyd shares her beautiful, normal post-baby body (PHOTO)

The DWTS dancer hopes her bathroom selfie ‘looking 5 months pregnant’ will inspire other mothers to accept their new normal.

Dancer Peta Murgatroy, pregnant, wearing skin tight army green. Petamurgatroyd | Instagram

I love the nerve of an honest woman, especially one who has a strong influence among other women. Peta Murgatroyd posted a real eight day postpartum, bathroom selfie. She’s a strong, athletic dancer who is in great shape and looks phenomenal, yet she still looks like she had a baby because, well, she did! Congrats Peta and family!

Social media has given some women the impression that they need to leave the hospital looking like they never had a baby. If I had a dollar for every picture I ever came across of women posting postpartum, sucking in, great lighting, perfect angle pictures, I would be retired. Guys, the miracle of childbirth is the baby and the process itself. It’s not bouncing right back to your old self. In fact, I hate to break it to you, but you’ll never truly be your old self again. You’re a new woman; mother, mommy, mama. Your life will NEVER be the same again and neither will your body. Sure you can get back into shape, you can and will feel great again with proper exercise and diet! You are a better woman, better than you were before. Your body nourished and grew the existence of the being that now holds your heart forever.

In my work as a nutritionist, my clients tell me sincerely that they would like to be back to their normal self again in say one or two months. But part of becoming a mom is finding your new normal, your new schedule, your new clothes, your new mindset, hormones, body, the list goes on. The sooner you can recognize that normal has shifted, the more you will embrace all the changes.

As a mom of four little girls, the youngest whom I’m still trying to wean from nursing, I get it. I sometimes look in the mirror and think who am I? Any negative thoughts I have quickly turn into thankfulness. Wow, God has blessed me and my body to carry babies and love deeper than I ever imagined. And for the record, it’s true what they say: give yourself as much time to get off as it took to put on. I am closer to a year, but that’s what my nursing body does, hangs on to the last five pounds of fat to produce milk. If you’re a new mom struggling with your body image, understand that what you see is not always the truth. You’re doing great; healing from childbirth takes time and hard work and if you’re committed, you’ll get there.

Cara Busson-Clark
Cara Busson-Clark
Cara Busson-Clark is a Certified Sports and Clinical Nutritionist and runs Cara Clark Nutrition. Her "non-dieting" approach to health and wellness, attracts a wide range of clients, including Hollywood celebrities. In addition to her passion for helping others live their best lives, her world revolves around her faith and family. She is mother to four daughters, ages one to six and lives in southern California.

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