Forget the gender wars, this New York City Ballet clip captures complementarity perfectly (VIDEO)

A video from the New York City ballet featuring principal dancer Tiler Peck is the perfect antidote to the contentious men vs. women wars overwhelming our social media feeds this week.

New York City Ballet dancers : Amar Ramasar and Tiler Peck perform on stage Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes. 2015. Hiroyuki Ito | Getty Images

The news cycle of the last 24 hours has taken on a new and ugly cast: #RepealThe19th has been trending in social media, revealing a particularly depressing sentiment that women’s right to vote should be revoked. Now, certainly no sensible person actually believes that women should be barred from the ballot box, but even for the casual observer it does seem like recent headlines have cast current events as a war between the sexes, a grown-up “boys versus girls” battle for supremacy.

Need a palate cleanser? We certainly do. This lovely video of New York City ballerina Tiler Peck discussing her pas de deux in Jerome Robbins’ Dances at a Gathering will lower your blood pressure: the elegance and simplicity of the choreography will soothe your worries, and the dedication and intense concentration of the two dancers bringing Robbins’ steps to life will restore your faith in the complementarity of man and woman. Dances at a Gathering, now playing at the New York City Ballet, claims to “distill the spectrum of human interaction” into choreography and music, and we’re grateful that this bit of human interaction is so beautiful, respectful, and romantic.

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Leigh Anderson
Leigh Anderson
Leigh Anderson is the author of "The Games Bible: The Rules, The Gear, The Strategies" (Workman, 2010) and has written for Vox,, and Popular Science, among others.

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