Ryan Gosling’s ‘my lady’ speech points to a new generation of Hollywood men

Gone are the days of playboy glamour. This is the era of the family man.

Ryan Gosling at the Golden Globes 2017, January 8th. NBC | Youtube

If you caught any snippets of last night’s Golden Globes you might have noticed a few trends—among them, certainly, were the lady pantsuit and politically-leaning acceptance speeches. But with all the red carpet chatter online today, I hope you didn’t miss this one: The rise of the ‘Hollywood family man.’ I’m talking about the man who complements his glamorous tuxedo and debonairly coiffed hair with plain old values. The man who knows his career as an artist doesn’t take first place over the one he has as a dad, husband, brother, and community member.

It seems the days of the Hollywood playboy trope are fading fast. It’s no longer cool for a handsome actor to show up on to every red carpet with a shiny new girl on his arm. (Seriously, these days it’s cooler when an actor shows up with his mom instead.) And more and more young leading men are verbally outspoken about their deep and humbling commitments to their families: actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, Ashton Kutcher and more consistently sing the praises of their wives’ efforts, share the loving bonds they feel for their children, and talk about their home lives in general with great affection and joy. You can hear it in magazine and TV interviews, and see it on their Instagram feeds.

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Adding to the discussion last night was none other than the leading man of the moment: Ryan Gosling. As he accepted his award for Best Actor in this year’s fan favorite and critically-acclaimed musical movie La La Land, he spoke about how making the movie was one of the best experiences he’s had in his career. But he also mentioned that the only reason he was able to film at all was because his wife, actress Eva Mendes (who he adorably refers to as “my lady,”) took on other big challenges for their family. Just watch:

Bravo, Ryan! The world could use more successful men who hold their values of being good husbands, fathers, brothers and sons in the highest regard … So here’s hoping this is one red carpet trend that sticks.

Ashley Jonkman
Ashley Jonkman
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