‘Shadow Dancers’ tell Jesus’ story through a hauntingly captivating dance (VIDEO)

We were drawn into this unique performance, told through the perspective of Mary. Sharing!

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Need a moment of calm this week? This incredibly moving dance performance from this year’s Christian Service 4Life conference moved us to tears. So often we may think of “worship” as simply prayer or singing, but these carefully choreographed dancers display an inspiring and reverent tribute to Jesus, through the eyes of the Blessed Mother, showing just how beautiful many different forms of praise can be.

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The performance begins as a young Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel, and accepts her task as Mother of God. We then follow Mary as she visits Elizabeth, and later as the Christmas story unfolds, complete with the wise men following a star to find the King—with dancers acting not only as characters, but manger animals and landscape props as well. The dancers grace us with powerful depictions of Jesus’ ministry and death and resurrection, as well.

Set to the breathtaking O Lux Beatissima, composed by Howard Helvey, the simplicity of this gorgeous performance is the very thing that gives it power. Though we can’t see the look in Mary’s eyes when she encounters the angel, or see her post-labor glow as holds her child for the first time in the manger, the raw emotion of the moments are overwhelming as the dancers bring them to life by using only their bodies in motion. The crucifixion scene foregoes the gory details seen in some reenactments and instead focuses on the more subtle nuances of Jesus’ suffering and the anguish his family and disciples felt in those most devastating moments. By showcasing only movement, the story of Jesus is brought to life in a new and awe-inspiring way. Watch the video to see for yourself just how evocative and impactful this story performed through dance truly is.

Ashley Jonkman
Ashley Jonkman
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