Twitter takes: What’s your weirdest pregnancy craving?

Oreos, tuna sandwiches, kielbasas and … dirt? 11 mothers spill their craziest cravings.

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With the March For Life in the news recently, our social media feeds have been packed full of images of expectant mothers and precious little ones. And while it’s been a great joy to see all those marching, it also got me thinking about just how crazy pregnancy can be.

While husbands will never really be able to understand how it feels to have a tiny little human growing inside of you and the myriad of realities that come along with that, we do have insight into at least one small facet of the experience: the cravings.

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Not only because we show our love by crawling out of bed at three in the morning to search the fridge for just the right kind of cheese, but because we seem to have a tendency to catch the craving bug as well. Please tell me I’m not the only one who craves alongside my wife and gains this sympathy weight that I’m still trying to get rid of all the years later!

With all that in mind, I took to the corners of Twitter to see just how crazy the cravings get out there in pregnancy land, and as usual, Twitter did not disappoint:

1. Odious milk & cookies

Maria Johnson (@bego): I craved Milk. I hate milk. Therefore I had to have oreos to help me drink the odious milk.

2. A side of Six Flags, coming up!

Karen Tighe (@donteatitsmine): Does craving a ride on a roller coaster count?

3. Of all the things to crave from the garden …

Rachel Balducci (@rachelbalducci): The smell of dirt. That’s not weird is it?

4. Two lettuce heads are better than one

Lizzy R-E (@bayoucitygirl): Salads—for breakfast! Happened a LOT with my son.

5. Gimme that gummy

Catholic Homegirl (@catholichomegirl): Gummy worms.

6. Who ordered the death stare?

My Sisters Brother (@StuffForSisters): To pat the women’s bellies, but I restrain myself.

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7. Get ready for a road trip!

Beth Facemyer (@CatholicMumma): A sandwich from a restaurant in Detroit. I lived in Indiana at the time.

8. Those $5 footlong commercials must really work

Hungry Catholic (@HungryCatholic): Subway tuna sandwiches. It hurts my heart to type that now.

9. If you can’t have sushi, but still need something raw

Dan Sierras (@SFGiantsFanDan1): I remember having to go out in the middle of the night for my wife to get raw bell peppers.

10. Baby food is for moms, too … right?

Egregious Twaddle (@EgTwaddle): Fried kielbasa and Gerber strained plums with tapioca baby food. Not at the same time, but still.

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11. I’ll have a wham-burger with fierce-fries a and a fruit punch

Adelaide Mena (@AddieMMena): The blood of my enemies. But seriously—just super mad all the time.

Pregnancy is a time unlike any other, and the wild food cravings are a great example of that. On a typical day, you probably wouldn’t be chugging the juice from a pickle jar while polishing off a double scoop of Rocky Road ice cream, but when you’re blessed with the joy of carrying around the supreme gift of marriage for nine months, pretty much anything goes!

What are some of your most bizarre pregnancy cravings? Tell us in the comments!

Tommy Tighe
Tommy Tighe

Tommy Tighe is a Catholic hipster, husband and father. You can follow him on Twitter @theghissilent.

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