Upside down orchids & other modern ideas for displaying indoor plants & flowers

Inconspicuous blooms, succulents, and cacti are the new ‘in thing” in indoor plants. It’s all about simplicity, geometric shapes, and having a little fun—shown by stunning example in these 14 inspiring Instagram photos.

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If fashion and beauty have their trends, then it’s only right that this should extend into our homes too, right down to the plants and florals we choose. If you want to bring a little of Mother Nature indoors, then this season’s favorites are all about the more inconspicuous blooms, succulents, and cacti lending to simple and geometric shapes. Always on the lookout for something new and elegant, savvy decorators are seeking new horizons, exploring walls and ceilings, creating vertical gardens or even upside-down hanging plants (apparently it’s the way to display orchids right now).

This doesn’t mean you have to toss your beloved vase of roses, of course, but it’s good to try new looks. Who knows, perhaps you’ll get inspired and create your very first mini-garden!

Bold & artistic

Mix Masters. From the home of @benjamin_brougham, our Director of Interiors, via @designsponge.

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Bold interiors require equally bold flowers that won’t get lost in the multitude of shapes, colors, and textures. A bunch of big sunflowers fits beautifully between a geometric mirror and colorful XL prints.

Mini wall garden

This tiny wall garden will fit into every, and we mean literally every interior. You don’t even need a shelf, just some wall space.

Wild & carefree

Wildflowers add an unexpected note to a bouquet. Scatter a handful of seeds in your garden or experiment with window boxes if you’re a city-dweller.

Unexpected intrigue

A new way to display the classic orchid. One upside-down pot will look intriguing at the kitchen window, but a few grouped together will look just stunning anywhere.

A unified collection

In full bloom. Xk #interiordesign #florals #vanity #home #decor #worldofkelly

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Show off your vase collection with a bunch of fresh-cut blooms. If the vase shapes differ greatly, go for one color—either in the vases or the flowers—to create visual unity.

Simple, sculptural & minimalist

To match the simplicity of Scandinavian-style interiors, use equally minimalist plants (and pots). A few sculptural cacti will be just perfect.

A vertical arrangement

Vertical gardens 👌🏻

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A vertical garden is a modern alternative to traditional flower arrangements—it’s equally impressive, but it lasts longer. You can pick your size, shape, and plants and create your own unique living wall art.


Boho mix & match

A mix of handmade macrame pot hangers, simple baskets, and ceramic pots will soften industrial style interiors or blend into shabby-chic surroundings.

Botanical wallpaper

Not sure you can keep a plant alive? Go for an oversized botanical wallpaper. It will feel like living in a botanical garden … but no need to water the plants.

Back to nature

This plant collection may look chaotic at first, but don’t be fooled—it’s as carefully curated as an art collection. Different tones of green and shapes of leaves complement each other beautifully. We just can’t stop admiring how they help create a soothing organic space … in a bathroom!

Quirky pots & containers

Don’t be afraid to add a touch of humor to your floral displays. A quirky pattern or a funny pot with succulents or cacti will make you smile every time you look at them.

A bright bloom

Sometimes three peonies are enough to create a spectacular display. The secret is to use a vivid, contrasting color in an otherwise monochromatic interior.

Complex but balanced bouquets

Modern flower arrangements, when complex but balanced, resemble those from Renaissance paintings. If you’ve always been a fan of mono bouquets, it’s time to step out of your flower comfort zone and give it a try.

Agnieszka Pogorzelska
Agnieszka Pogorzelska
Agnieszka Pogorzelska is a Polish fashion stylist with 13 years' experience at major fashion magazines (including Elle and InStyle) turned DIY expert. She loves hunting for vintage furniture with flaws, can't live without fresh flowers, and creates cute PogoPony bag charms in her free time. Her own apartment gets a makeover at least once a month and her basement is constantly filled with trash that will surely be turned into treasures. .

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