Watch these funny priests do the ‘mannequin challenge’ (VIDEO)

The viral Internet sensation of freezing in place like a mannequin isn’t just for kids and pop stars like Adele—even priests are getting in on the action … and for a good cause. | Youtube

By now you’ve certainly seen the “mannequin challenge” craze that’s currently sweeping the Internet: The participants strike a pose, frozen in place mid-sentence, while a camera winds its way through the perfectly-still players. In a sense, it creates a live-action photo of a particular scene. The effect is both slightly spooky (er, what happened to freeze all these people?) and playful—we all know the players are trying really hard not to crack up or flinch.

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In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen everyone from Adele to the puppets from Sesame Street doing the mannequin challenge … and now, men of the cloth are getting into the spirit, too. Take a look:

This gathering of priests is apparently frozen in the middle of band practice, laptop surfing, Bible study, and even a ping-pong game. (Check out the yellow ping-pong ball, suspended in mid-air, for an idea of the care they took in setting this scene up.) This sort of goofiness would be completely charming even if the priests didn’t have an ulterior motive, so to speak, but they did it to raise awareness for the web site, a place where young men considering the vocation can go for support and information. Combining a sense of humor, an Internet phenomenon, and a calling from God? That’s a viral sensation we can get behind.

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Leigh Anderson
Leigh Anderson

Leigh Anderson is the author of “The Games Bible: The Rules, The Gear, The Strategies” (Workman, 2010) and has written for Vox,, and Popular Science, among others.

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