11 famous dads who quit their jobs for their kids

More and more fathers seem to be giving up prestige and high-paying jobs to spend more time with their kids, but the trend is not exactly new.

Don’t raise a “mini-me”

We may want our children to turn out just like us, but good parenting means letting them become their own unique selves.

No children allowed

A good case for inviting noisy, messy children to weddings, fancy parties and other grown-up events.

Parenting lessons from the ultimate father

If anyone knows how parenting should be done, it's God.

Protecting our kids from emotions

Being upset in front of your kids might be better than putting on a smile.

Tom Brady wins where it matters

How to feel successful, even when things don't go your way.

The perfectly imperfect family

Our yard is the embarrassment of the entire neighborhood. I gave up trying to grow grass a long time ago because our two boys insist on digging holes everywhere with their toy dump trucks.