A 4-year-old schools us all on the true meaning of ‘encounter’

Rather than trying to socialize children to be more like adults, we should try to take more of our behavior cues from them.

Couple with 3 kids opens their hearts & home to 2 homeless children

The couple believes it was no coincidence that caused the two little boys to cross their path at a homeless shelter one day.

New organ transplant letter reinforces that all lives are worthy

Thank goodness our country's lawmakers are pushing to change this cruel, immoral practice.

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3 lessons in empathy from the warm people of Ecuador

America ranked #7 on the world's most empathetic countries list, released just this month. While being in the top 10 isn't bad by any means, we can still learn a thing or two from the #1 seat: Ecuador.

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10 simple (totally doable!) acts of mercy to slip into your everyday

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How to help our neighbors in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

I'd just returned from Haiti a week before the hurricane and was still feeling deeply troubled by the poverty I witnessed there. And now: this. Here are ways we can all help our neighbors just a few hours outside of Miami.

Bless our pets! St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day honors our other ‘brothers & sisters’

Animals aren't fun accessories (no matter how adorable they are.) They're living beings who deserve respect.…

Web goes wild for homecoming king’s act of chivalry for classmate (VIDEO)

High school football star Max Akin believes that his friend and football team manager K.L. Norwood, who has cerebral palsy, is the student who "most…

Leading 6,000 homeless to the Pope: how we can support this incredible act of mercy

The Fratello Association's Krystyna Dwernicka shares the crucial help that is needed to make the second pilgrimage of the homeless…

Viral Facebook post captures football player’s touching gesture to autistic boy (PHOTO)

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15 years since Mister Rogers signed off & and oh how he’s missed (VIDEOS)

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Matthew McConaughey has a secret YouTube channel—but not for long (VIDEOS)

The superstar actor's astonishingly quiet home videos are spreading, and hopefully inspiring people to think about others and just keep livin'.