Heart in Action

Gwen Stefani invites bullying survivor onstage for a hug (VIDEO)

Using her unique platform to uplift a young survivor of bullying, singer Gwen Stefani reminds us that #SoulBeauty comes from within.

Remembering summer’s forgotten children

One caring community in Oelwein, Iowa has rallied together to create a summertime garden program for children who rely on school for regular healthy meals.

The magic of Philly’s poverty eradicator, Sister Mary Scullion

“None of us are home until all of us are home,” says the tireless president of Project HOME.

Disney Princesses appear in court to watch little girl’s adoption

As a surprise for five-year-old Danielle Koning at her adoption hearing, the entire courtroom came dressed as Disney Princesses. Some dreams really do come true.

Small gestures that help the homeless in big ways

From India to France, and right here at home, selfless minds are working to aid homeless people. Find out what you, too, can do to help.

“Look Beyond Borders,” an experiment in opening your heart (VIDEO)

This small, 4-minute task is bringing humanity to the refugee crisis.

The importance of ‘love thy neighbor’

Every year, the building I live in holds a party for Neighbors' Day. We eat, drink, laugh, and come together in extraordinary ways.

6 easy ways you can help the crisis in Venezuela

Venezuela is suffering, but there are so many little things you can do to help alleviate the country's drought and hunger problems.

7 celebrities who truly make a difference

These activists are fighting to change the world. See who made our list of super-hero-like stars.

How Mother Teresa taught us to make food a feast

Underlying the saintly nun's attitude about food was a simple lesson her mother taught her when she was a little girl.

Healing the hearts & spirits of abused women

Victim services and advocacy isn't a field Diane Umphress planned, but she was led to it and has since built Amberly's Place into a haven for abused and suffering children and families.

Speaking up for refugees: Angelina Jolie

The special envoy to the United Nations—and Oscar winning actress— is on a mission to give hope to refugees, and shed light on a troubling world issue.

March of the pandas

In an effort to raise conservation awareness, French artist Paulo Grangeon created 1,600 adorable miniature papier-mache bears—one for each real panda left in the wild. The art installation has appeared in Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, and most recently, Bangkok.

Facing fear, changing the world

Erin Hempen, the inspiring founder of volunteer organization With Change In Mind, helps you face the fear of serving in a foreign country.

Shining a light on women’s rights

Women in the Philippines released glowing lanterns to kick off International Women's Day. Each year, on March 8th, countries around the world celebrate the call to action and show their support in wildly different and beautiful ways.