Home decor

A retro-inspired Parisian apartment

This chic apartment in the French capital combines clever flea market finds with more original pieces to create a beautiful, modern family home.

The arts embrace family life in stunning London home

This exquisite townhouse is the perfect example of how blending originality and passion achieves beautiful results.

Bold & joyful: Marimekko’s new home line for summer

Famous design house Marimekko is set to release a collection of summer apparel and home decor at Target on April 17th.

A unique family retreat in the country

When a French family outgrew their small country home, they bought neighboring properties to create a stylish, welcoming haven for all who visit.

An old abbey warms up to boho-chic

Set in the beautiful French countryside, an ancient abbey is transformed into a comfortable family home, with sounds of laughter, stories being shared and modern daily life filling the once quiet rooms.

Cool city apartment fit for a family

A stunning Parisian apartment blending contemporary French design with family passions creates an elegant home full of character and soul.

Marie Kondo’s new book sparks joy

"Spark Joy" stands alone when it comes to decluttering, and it's possibly even better than KonMari's first book.

Secret garden: simple sanctuary makes a warm, stylish home

An old presbytery in France is reborn into a fabulous family home, offering cozy winter gatherings and summer fun in its exquisite well-loved garden.

Art of the table

The French have a reputation for their cuisine, but how they present it is just as important, an art in itself. Parisian interior decorator Krystyna Dwernicka shows how to mix old and new to create six beautifully themed table decorations, adding elegance to any occasion.