The Perfectly Imperfect Life

Don’t be like everyone else

A lesson in individuality straight from the heart and example of Mary.

Make an Advent resolution to start being brave about everything

It's a great time of year to remember that obstacles don't have to hold you back when you know where to find your strength.

6 ways to tune out distraction & be more attentive

The vast majority of us aren’t able to drop everything and live in the silence of a monastery, but we can still learn to be more attentive in our daily lives.

What to do when the world laughs at you

Being mocked for doing good is actually a blessing in disguise.

Faith is not your ticket to happiness—but something much better

The goal of faith isn’t what we get out of it, but what we are able to give because of it.

Why you should have friendships that make you uncomfortable

Retreating into our ghettos of like-minded friends is the easy thing to do, but it's also the most divisive.

What does ‘being good’ actually mean?

Spiritual growth isn't about appearances, but being honest with ourselves.

Why we shouldn’t give up on politics

If we're upset at the quality of our presidential candidates, we should recommit ourselves to working for justice and the common good.

Don’t wait to tell others what they mean to you

Sure, there's emotional risks to laying it all out when it comes to feelings. But when we hold back we're denying ourselves the human connections that make life so meaningful.

What to listen to when God is silent

If great saints can’t make God respond to them, what hope do the rest of us have? Is this evidence that God doesn’t care about us?

‘Stranger Things’: why an intellectual like me is hooked on this new Netflix creep-fest

Sci-fi happenings, missing children, and family dysfunction: how could Netflix's new hit show Stranger Things starring Winona Ryder not be…

Why I’m happy to have a stubborn child

The character traits we view as flaws can also be the ticket to accomplishing great things in the future.

15 years after September 11th: why we still need to keep our eyes on the rubble

The shock and horror of the events of 9/11 may have faded, but the intellectual dilemma between God's goodness and the reality of violence and…

A father’s list of failsafe parenting rules for kids

If you follow these guidelines to raising your kids, I guarantee that you, too, will be happy with the results.