The Perfectly Imperfect Life

A lesson in solidarity from the waters of Louisiana

Sometimes it takes a disaster like the floods in Louisiana to reveal what's truly important: our common dignity as human beings, and our love for each other.

The ‘handicaps’ that made 3 Olympians great

These athletes demonstrate that it's not just about overcoming our difficulties, but allowing our struggles to change us.

How I learned to stop worrying and embrace my mid-life crisis

Even if I'm saddened by the loss of youth, the nostalgia I'm experiencing in mid-life is helping me see that the hurt of moving on…

Why the question, ‘Who are you?’ has no good answer

Your personal identity isn’t what you do or how you feel. It's a mosaic of lots of those facets, with one core truth as its…

Olympics: the lesson in humility I look forward to every 4 years

The thrill of competition, gold medal moments, and pageantry are all exciting, but the great moments I remember are about something far greater than winning.

Want to change the world? Stay home

I'm not the type to carry a protest sign or speak up because I dislike confrontation, but there is a better way to lobby for change than through big, loud, public actions.

My view from the chaos

In life there is wonder, joy, and yes, even a good bit of learning to let go of respectability.